Let’s go hang with the cows

Host: Noreena Downs Station
Written by Kate Paull – Owner, Noreena Downs Station.

First blog off the rank for Noreena this year is a series of videos of us moving a mob of cattle along, in the video I will explain what is going on, unfortunately it will be in four parts so I could get maximum coverage of the happenings.

You’s will have to pardon my annoying voice and ‘um’s and ‘r’s in the video as I am someone who doesn’t do public speaking and I was so nervous.

In the videos we are just cruising along with some breeder cattle (cattle used for breeding – so has cows, bulls, heifers, calves, mickeys, and some sale cattle in them), we pick them up from Dingo bore – a bore we have already mustered and paddocked, but due to four inches of rain the cattle have become scattered which is natural for them to do once rained, so we went back to Dingo’s to pick up what had got that far again.

I hope you enjoy coming for a ride with us if you are someone that has not had the pleasure to go along with a mob of cattle before.