Meet the BK Trick Riding team!

Host: BK Trick Riding
Written by Becky Klingenberg – Owner, BK Trick Riding.

BK Trick Riding rookie team 2017 wearing their R.P.M show shirts.

When I started ‘BK Trick Riding – Run with Wild Horses’, it was so I had a name to put to committees. Then all the sudden there was this interest around the towns from young ladies that had seen the performances, and had fallen in love with sport like I did.

There were three ladies that really shone in my eyes. Their love for horses, dedication to rodeo, and enthusiasm for trick riding were all things I had in common with them. I wanted them on the BK Team. My vision was always to develop riders and have them perform, but I also got to experience firsthand that running flags at rodeos was a great way start in the performance industry.

So in alphabetical order Amanda Foley, Falon Hoare, and Holly Daniels have joined forces with me this year, and added some flags and choreographed riding to the show! I got the girls to fill out a little Q&A to share with you all. In their words they have written for you everything from their name and age to what it means to them to become a professional trick rider.

L-R Falon, Holly, and Amanda Tricking around before their performance.

Falon and The Flying Scot competing in the barrel race at Noonamah’s toughest show on dirt.

Falon Hoare and Holly Daniels

Falon is 11 and Holly is 13, they both ride rather impressive quarter horses. Falon’s gelding, whose name speaks for himself, ‘The Flying Scot’, has been a consistent and a familiar name of the placing podium this year in her barrel racing career. Falon and Hollie have called Katherine, NT, home for a number of years, and sadly they are going to share the QLD postcode at the end of this year.

Holly’s interest sparked when she seen the movie ‘Cowgirls and Angels’ (great movie), and myself and Hollie Sheils performing at Adelaide River Show. Falon and Holly got to participate in a trick riding workshop with professional trick rider Hollie Sheils, which was an amazing opportunity to have such a profound instructor in our neck of the woods.

I’m proud to say these ladies have both written Veterinary Science as their future career paths. Holly would like to focus specifically on large animals. Their love for animals large and small is such a beautiful thing to see, especially when it’s our up and coming generation.


I love this word, and I love hearing people’s answers. Falon dreams of going over to the United States of America to barrel race and trick ride. Holly has great ambition, she has travelling on her list amongst working on cattle stations and continuing to trick ride and barrel race.

Holly doing the one foot stand fly away at the Katherine Trick Riding barrel school.

Falon in the suicide drag at the Katherine Horse and Pony Club demonstration.

The Tricks of Trick Riding               

When you ask a Trick Rider what is their favourite trick, you may be horrified to hear 11 year old Falon say “The suicide drag!” What is that? you may ask. You have one foot in a secured strap on the off side of your horse, and the rest of you is hanging upside down alongside the feet of your moving horse. Falon states the dangers of this trick in her interview, and her preventive measures to staying safe. “Keeping your free leg on the near side of your horse, checking tack and girths to prevent saddle slipping or faulty worn out gear, and having a well-trained horse”.

Hollys favourite is “Spin the horn”. You go from the saddle to backwards onto the neck of your horse, the only way to get back into the saddle is to come off the neck to a vault, or hook your leg around the horn of the saddle and spin back in.

First performance for 2017.

What it means to be apart of BK Trick Riding – Run with Wild Horses

“It’s fun and amazing to be a part of a trick riding team”, says Falon. “Becky has taught me how to train my horse to do tricks. I’m hooked – I love trick riding and my advice to anyone that wants to have a go, is get in touch with Becky Klingenberg and do a barrel clinic and see if it’s for you. I’m sure you will also be hooked.”

Being a part of BK Trick Riding to Holly ‘is great!’ – “In a trick riding team everyone shares the same passion as you, and you meet amazing people as well as creating memories. My favourite part about trick riding is the thrill. I love the quote ‘Breath dreams like air’, it certainly compliments my trick riding dream.”

Superb fundraising efforts for their new uniforms. The prize was a Helicopter flight kindly donated by Northern Australian Helicopters.

Performances for 2017

Whilst I was away in America the team held the fort for me. Fundraising for new costumes and uniforms, they also stepped up they carried flags for our great national anthem. For some their first time ever performing in front of a crowd! They now run a flag routine which is a part of our main performance.

Falon says “I have loved the opportunity to run flags alongside my team, it’s a little nerve wracking but heaps of fun!”

BK Trick riders last HOORAA as the weekend winds down.

Many hands make light work

I cannot express how proud I am of these ladies, they have hearts of absolute gold and their futures are so bright. Raised by incredible parents for role models, who have assisted me in creating my dream. It takes a lot of work for it all to come together, with the miles between it’s the dream that pulls us altogether.

Big thanks to Arlene Foley, Sarah Hoare, and Victoria Daniels for allowing your beautiful children to come on this journey with me.