Miss Emily

Host: Myroodah Station.
Written by Emily Bridgeman – Governess, Myroodah Station.

When I first found out I’d been accepted the position as a governess on Myroodah I was immediately excited and so curious about what the future had in store for me. From the first email to the last phone call before arriving at the station Pam and Chris were so welcoming to the new experience that I was being lead to. The community atmosphere made me feel at home from the beginning and since then it has continued to feel like home more each day.

“Where are you from?”, one of the first questions you hear when you see a new face around. I was lucky enough to call Gundagai, New South Wales, where the dog sits on the tucker box, home for six years. During my time there I had graduated high school, graduated from TAFE with a diploma, made some amazing friends, gained unforgettable experience in my workplaces, plus endless other cherished moments. However after graduating I had taken enough away from my time there to be able to move on and not feel like I was missing out on anything. I was so eager to leave home and start a new chapter.

I left for Darwin as soon as I could and worked as an Au Pair for a beautiful family. I travelled the Top End and met some of the most extraordinary people from all around the world. The family in Darwin supported my enrollment into a Bachelor of Primary Teaching through Charles Darwin University, something I had been tossing up since before leaving home. During primary school I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I always wanted to be just like my dad. At the time he was a Health and Physical Education teacher at the local high school. You could say I’m still following that path but with a few detours. Chipping away at university as an external student can, in itself, be challenging. The work ethic and freedom you witness here at Myroodah is a perfect environment for studying, something I need to take more advantage of while I am in such a rewarding place.

4.1 copyMe with my Dad and role model.

“How did you end up in the Kimberley?” is another question I heard often enough when I first arrived here. The journey that led me here started when I first took the job in Darwin, the feeling I get when I jump into something so new and unpredictable was contagious. Over the summer I missed that pure feeling and sense of excitement. Becoming a governess was something I’d considered when I left school but I doubted myself too much with the responsibility of being a home tutor. I gained so much confidence through my year as an Au Pair. My self-doubt evaporated after being involved in educating the two boys in Darwin and being a role model to them. So the next thing you know I was booking flights and saying good bye again.

As a child I never wanted to grow up, what child does? Being able to get messy and not care about the stains. Sing and dance like no one’s watching. Paint a clueless picture and tell a brilliant story about it anyway. Endlessly wander outside to find yourself at a tree to climb or admire a bird perched up high. I get to do all these still and it is so much fun. Laughing and having no worries makes you feel so content. My two little sidekicks at Myroodah are Will who is six and in year one, and Sam who is four and in Kindergarten. Our school house is busy with two boys and even though I hear “I hate school, I’m not coming” often enough I know that once I ring the bell and school starts we always have a great time.

4.2 copyOne of the many Boab trees that become our playground (or Pirate Ship).

We had a slow start to the school year, with Will having an extended summer break and I was still getting my head around the School of the Air system. It didn’t take long for us to settle in. Once we knew what was being asked of us (as student and home tutor) and what goals we needed to set to accomplish these we were on a roll and have been an awesome team ever since.

4.3 copyKimberley School of the Air Staff on a home visit with me and the boys at Myroodah.

“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” my Pop once said this to me and at the time I envied the lucky souls who could say this and it be true, now I think of the memory and smile. Working in such a beautiful environment has given me the opportunity to appreciate even the little things so much more every day. Since being at Myroodah I have been able to walk outside every morning and watch the sunrise and set again, such a small part of each day but it has to be one of the finest.

Outside the school house Managers Chris and Pam are always giving me opportunities to either go down to the yards trucking, have a go with working with weaners, hop on a horse and walk cattle out, the list goes on. The experiences here are endless and I am so grateful for the chance to take part in such a passionate work place. So you could say living here at Myroodah is pretty fulfilling, to say the least. And it has been a lot more than what I’d imagined from that first email five months ago.

4.4 copyEnjoying a day off in Broome with Will & Sam.

4.5 copyAnother spectacular sunset to finish off my day on Myroodah Station.