Moo-ilk and Happy Birthday Lampung Province

Host: Lisa Wood/ AGP Indonesia
Written by Lisa Wood – Traceability Officer, AGP.

Last year I mentioned a bit about our moves into becoming milk providers. This year, quotas are still down, we don’t have as many feeders to sell as we would like and the feedlot still looks empty compared to how it was when I first joined AGP in 2011.

The dairy has become a really important part of our operations. The venture has been maturing with lots of activities around branding our milk. Our brand name is Moo-ilk, the Facebook page if you’d like to have a look: , and Twitter: It has been exciting to watch.

On the 18th of March, a very large celebration was held for the ‘Birthday’ of Lampung Province. All Government Departments get involved, with a big focus on agriculture and livestock. These are the main business activities of the province.

I was asked to participate and become an ‘SPG’ (Sales Promotion Girl) for a few hours. I’m always ready to lend a hand, suffice to say though, that was enough for me, and I do not envisage any career moves in that direction.

2.1 SPGLisa, the Sales Promotion Girl.

Having said that, WOW, what a day to be a part of! Indonesia is so full of colour and tradition. Each Department had their uniforms made from different batik patterned material.

2.2 BatikA sample of different Batik patterns.

There was lots of local produce on display. Locally grown, organic produce is important to Indonesians as well.

2.3 Local ProduceRambutan, Mangosteen, and Pineapple.

As is, unadulterated, locally produced forest honey. I learned that honey produced from trees that bear fruit is sweet, while honey produced from trees that simply flower, tastes bitter.

2.4 Local HoneyOriginal forest honey.

In the morning, each of the local dance troupes has a brief time to rehearse. The performers get up on stage; walk through their performance before sitting down to wait it out. The costumes are so vibrant. One of the things I really enjoyed was the fact that little kids having their turn on stage are no different Aussie kids, they fidget; they pull funny faces and poses. There’s always one that needs to be called to attention.

2.5 Younger PerformersYounger performers during their rehearsal.

On my way out, I walked passed this group of older girls and asked if I could have a photo with them. They were so happy, as they also wanted a photo with me. We don’t get many Westerners in Lampung.

2.6 Older Performers

It’s been really interesting learning about Indonesia from the inside. One day soon it will be time to come home, and it’s a day I face with mixed emotions.