New faces on Yarrie

Host: Yarrie Station
Written by Ebony Hill – Station Hand and Sally Jolly – Guest, Yarrie Station.

Today’s entry is two blogs in one! They are written by Ebony Hill and Sally Jolly

Growing up on small acreage and having to do high school in a regional city was not for me, my dream was to head north! I was fortunate enough to get myself a job with Annabelle on Yarrie Station this year. So at 16, I’ve left home and headed to the Pilbara.

Part of my job offer with Annabelle is to treat it as a traineeship to a career in Agriculture. It starts with commencing my Certificate II in Agriculture, focussed on beef production. I can do all of this through hands on training at Yarrie with the guidance and teaching of others in my team.

Since starting in March, I have been learning so much, and achieved a lot including: mustering, working cattle, fencing, and yard building amongst many other things. There is so much to learn to become competent in this job.

3.1 - Ebony preparing a pump for a new bore copyEbony preparing a pump for a new bore.

My traineeship works really well as I get to go to work and do the job I love everyday while gaining accredited training from the experienced crew here. I’m hoping to start my Certificate III in Agriculture next year after completing this certificate. This training can eventually lead to a Diploma in the future. Hopefully after a few years at Yarrie I will know how to do most things here including driving machinery, understanding mustering and the handling of cattle much more, and maybe have a chance at assisting the breaking of the young horses.

3.2 - Ebony leading cattle back to their home after being mustered and sorted in the yards copyEbony leading cattle back to their home after being mustered and sorted in the yards.

Experiencing the stunning sunrises as you are awake before the sun most mornings, is really hard to describe unless you are in the moment. I have learnt to adapt to heat well since I live in the hottest part of Australia. It’s always a highlight when you the chance to get into Marble Bar on your day off too. One best times I’ve had in Marble Bar was seeing the town come together for the annual billy cart races down the Main Street!

Station life so far has been amazing! Your work crew become your family. Sunrises and sunsets become all the more beautiful up here. I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.

3.3 - Dusk at the yards after a long day copyDusk at the yards after a long day.

My name is Sally Jolly and with my husband Kirk and two girls, Summer (3) and Mackenzie (1), we are a newly homeless (by choice) family that have just started traveling Australia in a camper trailer.

3.4 - The Jolly Junket and their camp copyThe Jolly Junket.

We went like the clappers from Perth (originally from Dalwallinu in the Wheatbelt) to get to Mardie Station where I used to work more than a decade ago and spent a week there fishing and crabbing near the Fortescue. Our girls took great delight in taking the mustering crew their lunches and were able to see all the cattle and horses, bikes and buggy’s in action (just like what mum used to do!)

From there it was off to Yarrie Station for another week. This time to visit family. A jam packed week full of stuff to do, but more importantly, spending time with my Aunty Panze and my cousin Annabelle with whom we rarely see, unless it’s at a wedding or funeral!

3.5 - Summer and Mac with Aunty Panze copySummer and Mac with Aunty Panze.

Panze took Summer everywhere on “Bucky” the little pony for hours – down the river for a swim with the dogs, up the yards to watch the crew shoe horses, process cattle, or just around and around and around the house to no end. You couldn’t pry her off that horse with a crowbar unless it was on to the next exciting thing . . . or cake. Whether it be playing with Sheza’s new puppies, swimming in the pool, tailing out the mob in the bull buggy, feeding the joey’s, learning more (OK, lectured) about snakes and holding them, flying in the chopper or getting a killer, there was no rest for this wicked little child.

3.6 - Summer on Bucky, with Mac and Annabelle copySummer on Bucky, with Mac and Annabelle.

3.7 - Mac getting to know the joey copyMac getting to know the joey.

Having spent the first four years of my life at Mallina Station south of Port Hedland and and the rest at Barlyne Pastoral in Gayndah, Queensland, I know what a great way of life this is for kids to grow up in. We are so lucky to be able to have this experience and not just for the kids. As challenging as it may be I am sure it will be something that we can look back on and thank our lucky stars it was at all possible.

3.8 - Time for a chopper ride with cousin Annabelle copyTime for a chopper ride with cousin Annabelle.

3.9 - Annabelle, Summer and Sally copyAnnabelle, Summer, and Sally.

Thanks to Panze and Annabelle for their hospitality and of course the rest of the crew for putting up with Summer and her antics, which I’m sure they found her very charming, cute and funny, but also known as “The Threenager”! Now it’s off to our next stop with the mob at Wallal Downs. I wonder what they will have in store for us?

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3.10 - Killer time! copyKiller time!

3.11 - Another beautiful sunset at Yarrie copyAnother beautiful sunset at Yarrie.