One for the country mamas . . .

Host: Goldsborough Station
Written by Emma Taylor – Manager, Goldsborough Station.

Once a month, on a Wednesday night, I hold a Soul Mama gathering in Roma. Soul Mama is a safe (confidential, non-judgemental) space for mums to come together and be authentic about their parenting journey. The Soul Mama Facebook page can be found at As someone who has experienced anxiety as part of motherhood, Soul Mama has been important for growing my support network and helping me to meet my need of connecting with others in a heart centred space.

Goldsborough 3.1Emma Taylor with children Holly and Harry.

This year I also co-ordinated some webinars with mental health professionals called “Connect, Learn, Grow” which covered topics from how we react to stress to risk factors for anxiety and depression. Webinars are a fantastic tool for accessing information from the comfort of your home. The National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) supported the webinars and also holds monthly webinars for rural women. You will also find them on Facebook.

Each month at Soul Mama we have a theme to focus our discussion around. Some of the themes we have had this year include yoga for stress relief and relaxation, developing empathy, being kind to ourselves, living with awareness. Sometimes we have guests that can be involved in our discussions. Mums of small children really appreciate having an older woman’s perspective – someone who has been there and done it and survived to tell the tale! The Connect Learn Grow webinars were a one off for mums but it is definitely something I would consider organising for a wider audience as it is relevant to all.

If any of this sounds of interest to you, please email me or check out the Facebook page to keep up to date with what is happening with Soul Mama activities.

3.2Soul Mama – it is all about authentic interaction and supporting each other.