Outback sleepover

Host: Miss Chardy

Well it is the school holidays which means time for another sleepover. Harry has been hatching a plan with his little friend next door for about two weeks. They had it all sorted. Now you know that when I say neighbour it isn’t as simple as walking out the front door and 20 metres across the grass, don’t you?! Of course it wasn’t that simple. So on Wednesday we packed some snacks for the car, filled up the water bottles, and headed off for the sleepover drop off.

Thankfully Amanda headed off and met us along the road so I only had to drive 170km (that was just to get to her . . . ). This is all on dirt tracks, of course, that haven’t been graded yet this season.

We did a kid swap in the middle of, yep – you guessed it – Bum Truck Nowhere and we were off again. Home via our southern neighbours house for a quick cup of tea and a bit of a chat. Then it was back into the car for another hour home.

We had a couple of hours at home and then headed off again, this time interstate. To Mrs Savvy B’s place for a BBQ that night. From the western neighbour to the eastern neighbour, all in a days work. Clancy wasn’t very impressed that he had to get back into the car for another two hours, I’m not sure why he was complaining, I had packed a first class sandwich for him.

Here is Tom, dropping the fence into QLD. It just wouldn’t be the same if we put a gate in would it?! Time to wind the clocks forward half an hour.

Mrs Savvy B and Goldie Locks had outdone themselves on the table decorating for the backyard BBQ. But then again, they always do, they can and will throw a party.

Remember GL from our Blomad’s on Tour  Kununurra trip? Well she got engaged so it was very exciting to have a glass of bubbly with her.

As we were sipping our bubbly watching the sun set the crew were bringing some cattle into the yards. What a view.

Then Shelly had to go and feed her dogs. They are her little stock camp. So off I went, champagne glass in hand (and quite empty, how did that happen?) I thought we would be going in the buggy but we walked. I wasn’t really dressed for a walk to the dog pens but off we went (those poor little Nine West Flats didn’t know what had hit them, I could hear them saying “we are not in Queen Street Mall anymore”).

You can imagine how impressed I am every time we do the dogs and they jump all over me. I was probably more annoyed that I had run out of bubbly, truth be known.

All in all it was a busy day of driving but that is just how it goes out here. I quite enjoyed cruising around the countryside visiting three of my neighbours. By the time we arrived home we had clocked up 500km – all on paddock tracks.

How are your school holidays looking? Going bonkers already? Hang in there my friends. Hang in there. I had best go, time to get set for another day on the mower. At least the weather has cooled down this week, THANK THE LORD!!!

Over and out my fine feathered friends.