‘Paddock to Plate’ Legune Style

Host: Legune Station
Written by Belinda Rasheed – Manager, Legune Station.

What we eat and where it comes from . . .

You guessed it – on the odd day off, we butcher our own beef and catch a fresh barramundi or two. It’s the ultimate ‘Reef and Beef’, ‘Paddock to Plate’ combo (Matt Moran eat your heart out).

5.1 copyFresh Barra literally at our feet.

We do have a herb garden, including a giant chilli bush. But the rest comes on a truck . . ..

Now don’t panic. I know what you’re thinking. No, it’s not pre-packaged vacuum packed aeroplane space food; it’s a truckload of fresh fruit, veggies, and dry stores. Yes, even fresh milk and bread.

5.2 copyThis magical truck arrives once a fortnight loaded to the hilt with goodies.

Now the most interesting part in our ‘Paddock to Plate’ take on life is catching the fish and beast, and learning how to butcher them both.

Butchering is an art, ask anyone. There are many tools and techniques to perfect however, while others attempt perfection, we might just enjoy the entire process, resulting in a great meal with station cook Julie Hutchins.

5.3 copyBecause knowing where your food comes from and how it has been treated is pretty cool.