Riot at the pub

Host: Manners Creek Station
Written by Jodie Grant – Manager, Manners Creek Station.

When people ask me “Don’t you get bored living all the way out there in the middle of no where?” my response is that I would love some days to be boring! There is always something to do, something happening, and barely time to sit down for a breather in our days let alone a chance to just do nothing, and for some reason where ever we live there is always some excitement, unfortunately not always excitement of the good kind.

We are lucky our local pub has a bit on – every now and then they will have a bit of a get together for the nearby stations whether it be during the day or night and there are always great events. The kids can run around and play while the bigger kids can have a drink and chat – get a few station blokes together and there are bound to be a few laughs.

Well we had a great night out for Easter this year, the kids had a ball there were lollies and prizes and everyone got something. The kids were entertained until quite late even little Willow done well, Dusty was certainly enjoying a few rums and probably the least keen to head home when I thought we should get home and get the kids to bed about 10.00pm. It’s about an hours drive home which was an interesting drive. I decided perhaps I should drive home and Dusty was pretty happy with this idea. We were driving along home driving cautiously but still at about 80km’s an hour, my concentration was on the road watching out for the many black cattle out on the road between the pub and home.

I only just noticed Dusty’s feet out the passenger side window and up towards the roof! ‘What are you doing?’ I yell out my open window to which I get the response ‘I get a better view up here’ – that I’m sure he did however most people would travel in the passenger seat but to Dusty the roof rack of the land cruiser wagon was much more exciting! Once he reaches through my window so I can hand him his rum can Dusty is set for his trip home well at least some of it til he decided to scramble back into the car once he finishes his drink and pass out for the rest of the drive home . . . with all four children now asleep I take my time and reach home around 11pm by the time we get the kids sorted Dusty and I probably made bed about 12.00pm.

Not long after going to bed I thought I heard the phone ringing by the time I fully woke up and realised it was in fact ringing the phone had stopped but only for a second and then it was ringing again. I jump up trying to work out who was calling us at 1.00am in the morning and to ring twice at this time its got to be important. Well it was the owner from the pub talking fairly quickly telling me to get Dusty to come back to the pub immediately and make sure he brings his gun, she continues on to mention a riot going on a police at least two hours away they are locked inside the pub. I look at Dusty and with four words “Pub, now, take gun” Dusty springs out of bed dressed with gun in hand ready to play super hero. As his running out the door I give him a brief run down and then he’s gone . . . well it’s 70km away, it’s dark, it’s going to take him at least an hour to get there. As I’m sitting up waiting to hear he got there and everything is ok not expecting a call for some time in about half an hour I get a call he is there everything is ok and he is waiting there until the police arrive.

He drove 70km in 26 minutes in the dark with cattle over the road . . . not a bad effort but not something I’d recommend trying again anytime soon that’s for sure. Luckily the headlights and a few gun shots in the air was enough to make people scatter and disappear there was a fair bit of damage to the pub and vehicles parked outside the pub but overall things ended up ok with everyone inside the pub safe. We might live further away out here but if you’re in trouble you can guarantee someone will get to you any time of day or night to help you out. One of the many reasons I love living in the bush.