School’s in for 2015

Host: Mystery Park
Written by Ainsley McArthur – Owner, Mystery Park.

The beginning of the school year was a photo worthy occasion as we recorded the beginning of Andrew’s high school years at boarding school.

Seems he has found his rhythm in both the boarding house and the day school.

Lots of people have asked how he’s going and has he settled. My answer is consistent, Andrew’s as happy as Larry and it is really us, as parents, that have had to do the most adjusting! That’s a good thing.


We’ve had lots of contact via the mobile phone. A message here and there and always an evening phone call. There is not always a lot of detail, but he always has news, questions for the little kids, and a remark about the wonders of the laundry service.


We did offer to have him home for the second week-end however he declined as ‘there was way too much happening’ on both the sporting and social front. So while both Rob and I outwardly encouraged his new ventures, involvement, and independence we did feel a little mournful on the inside. Our turn will come . . .


While it has just been over two weeks since he began boarding, I can just tell on the phone that he’s grown, both physically and mentally. Words such as responsibility and time management are used often.


Meanwhile our little schoolroom has been de-cobwebbed and the pencils sharpened as we launch into Year 1, Year 2, and Year 4 with a book and puzzle loving three year old joining in.


Days are again completely full with everyone scuttling to their desks by 7.30 in the morning so that we can finish our formal learning around 1.30.

We’ve been doing lots of interesting things like making part whole machines with toilet rolls and cake tins . . .


And hoping that the Mr Grass Head experiment works well with Coriander seeds. Could it be that we invent a curly haired grass head??


And school’s not properly in unless we have a stack of unifex cubes on the table . . .


As always, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. We’ve again hosted a Second Year vet student from JCU for beef placement. A positive experience for everyone and some great role modelling for these little ones.


With so many hours now dedicated to the schoolroom and a pile of administrative duties to deal with when schools out, time outdoors has become even more cherished. It’s certainly a nice place to be when the grass is so so green . . .