Seventh heaven

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Owner, Koordarrie Station.

It’s been almost seven years at Koordarrie. Wow.

What a journey so far and I have to be honest, there was some very close times when I thought I could easily throw a bag and the kids/horses in the truck and get out of here permanently.

But those blinkers I’ve been wearing for a long time are paying off and the endless dirt and dust is far less with lawns surrounding the house and our house much more like a home. It ain’t flash but it’s ours and it goes okay.

Today the focus is the main man in my life, husband of nine years, Rory. He’s been avoiding any Central Station stuff all these years and it’s time he got to meet everyone!

We met at the very end of 2006 and knew instantly that that was it.

Within a few months we were pregnant and married when Darc was 11 weeks old on my family’s station. Watching the video the other day for the first time since, we had a good laugh at us all waving the flies away and how young we looked.

We lived for three years at my brother-in-law’s place, Yanrey. In that time number two baby had arrived in memorable fashion, needing to be delivered by emergency c-section and then flown to Perth for specialist care. Rory was out drafting cattle at the time of his arrival and flew the station Cessna 150 into town, he remembers the trucks on the highway below passing him as he flew into a strong headwind.

He and I were flown the next day to Perth separately to our newborn boy, as the RFDS plane could not fit Joey and I in it together. Very, very hard to think back on those times of holding his little hand through the special crib and be separated from him. We got through those tough few days together.

Rors and I continued our plan to move to Koordarrie as soon as we could, getting basics put in at the new homestead, like power and water! The dongas were put in place and the workshed built.

Our own chapter could begin, on site at Koordarrie.

Must have been the lack of television, but despite being crazy enough to have two very young children already and no luxuries to speak of, we decided we were ready to add number three child to the mix!

Rors worked tirelessly, he was so happy to be able to begin work on his own place. I kept the kids safe and, and well I really can’t remember what else I did for those first few years. But I know Rory was gone before the sun was up, most mornings. Gone all day at Yanrey when mustering was on or out on Koordarrie somewhere doing whatever needed doing.

As the years have gone on, and Koordarrie has become more developed with plenty of its own projects going on, Rors has built his own yards (the trade skills as a fitter and turner coming in handy!), put tanks in, new fences up, rolled up old fences, built trap yards and not least by any means been a husband and father as well.

I’ve been banned from some operations around here though, as the last time we took the horse box off the truck proved a bit too much of a strain on the heart strings. As he attempted to remove it, I attempted to not have a heart attack and failing that . . . it went downhill from there. After a few ‘f’’s and other choice words from both of us, I was told to just go home and did so with a bounce in my step . . . flinging back my thoughts on that command as I left!!

We don’t do that job together anymore.

In the past he has done a bit of bronc riding, his last win was actually just before we got married. Now he puts that competitive energy into campdrafting and also pickup riding when he gets the chance. He also was in the Pilbara Reserves as a younger man, humping kit all over the Pilbara landscape and making great mates along the way.

Being a shy person really, he is quiet normally in groups unless he knows the people well.

But he also has a steely edge and has little patience for those who lack a little try! His passions are flying, military history, horses and cattle and us, his family.

I know he’s going to be very uncomfortable with all of this and so . . . Rors you are an amazing person, a wonderful husband and father, and I am so grateful to share this journey with you.