Standard Operating Procedure

Host: Influential Women
Written by Carly Brooks – CEO, Influential Women.

Let’s cover off on some Day One stuff and attempt to articulate ‘a day in the life of Influential Women (IW).’ I will do my best to paint a picture, however it is hard to define this travelling roadshow. IW is now based in the NSW Southern Riverina but Mazz is more often than not in transit to the nation’s capital or road tripping to an obscure small town to talk the talk. As an avid reader of Central Station I am aware that stories of bull dust, kelpies, and stock camps are what the people want. However, IW experiences more issues with emails than ear tags but we are subject to the same highs and lows of rural life and regularly need to stand on a car roof to make a phone call or snap chat a bush sunset.

The IW diary is a rainbow of upcoming events and appointments. Every week kicks off with a very necessary planning meeting. Working within the agriculture industry means that workshops need to fit in around farm life during ‘not so busy’ times, which are few and far between. So when it rains it pours! Whether we like it or not, we live in a technological age and it is usually the cause of and solution to all of our problems. Emails, conference calls, cloud systems, social media, and rapid fire SMS keep the two of us steaming along from the comfort of our home offices or from a departure lounge.

To keep fuel in the tank, IW secures agricultural communication and leadership work in the form of workshops, public speaking gigs, mentoring roles, and community development projects. This equates to bulk phone calls, mass organizing, regular media contact, and follow up reports. In between the seriousness we make time for outrageous shenanigans and power walking meetings for stress relief. If and when we cross paths and the sun happens to be setting, we sit back and high five how lucky we are to be working in rural Australia, for rural Australia, and toast to lamb chops and good health.

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