The end of a chapter

Host: Farrcombe Contracting
Written by Raine Pugh – Owner, Farrcombe Contracting.

So as our week on Central Station draws to a close, our crew has just completed educating and branding 2000 weaners here at West Elsey Station. It feels like a massive accomplishment for both the dogs and the crew. We are very pleased with the result as we watch the weaners walk out in their new paddock nice, steady, and quiet.

So now its time to pack up and move on to our next adventure. It seems now that the work begins, there are bikes to be serviced and loaded. Horses to be caught, kitchen to be dismantled. We also need to find room for our two pet poddy calves, pet piglet, and 14 dogs! At times we feel like a travelling petting zoo.

7.1 copyDone and Dusted! More than 2000 weaners were educated and branded in the last week.

For the moment we are all looking forward to a bit of time off before the next job. There is a campdraft to get to, beer to drink, and fish to catch. A bit of R and R is on the books before we head out again. Can’t wait to find out what is in store for as at the next station, it’s all part of the excitement!

7.2 copyNasdaq (My pride and joy), babysitting the weaners.

We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of our story this week. We hope that you have enjoyed the experience. We look forward to the many other stories being shared via Central Station.

Catch you all later!

7.3 copyPotter and Freckle sharing some bonding time.