The Kimberley Spirit

Host: Lochon Contracting
Written by Tini O’Loughlin – Owner, Lochon Contracting.

This will be our last blog for now.

imageThe Lochon Crew Lochy, Tini, Sean, Warrick & Gerwin.

It has been a great week hosting Central Station and writing a little something every day. Although it’s just a little something to me, it may be something big for some of the readers. I enjoy the thought that despite all the similarities of everyday life on cattle stations in Australia’s north, each individual has their unique way of looking at and living this life. Sharing our own stories with people within and from outside of the industry and reading the stories of others around us, is such a pleasure and a real eye opener. Thank you Jane for inviting us to be part of this great community.


I want to dedicate the last blog to all the people that we have met over the years through working on stations.

From station owners and station managers to station hands and station cooks. There is the truckies and the agents, the grader drivers and contractors, helicopter pilots and veterinarians, caretakers and gardeners. And then there is all the people that aren’t in the industry, yet we met them on the land, like nurses, teachers, builders and travellers and let’s not forget the families and friends of all mentioned that come up to a remote pastoral station for a visit.




This year we have come back to Bulka Station to muster with and for Haydn and Jane, who perfectly fit the description given above. They have welcomed us into their station family. Our bond however goes further then the barb wire boundaries of their Kimberley cattle property.

The Lochon crew thanks everyone for reading this blog. Until next time!