The Koordarrie Zoo

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Owner, Koordarrie Station.

At Koordarrie we have a few fur babies. Our little Jack Russell Rosco must be mentioned first as he is everyone’s friend – very loyal, loving, and a great family pet. He was not impressed though when we recently brought home a new addition to the family, a Blue Heeler pup the kids have called Stephanie. Rosco hid under the house and refused to even look at us! He can’t hold grudges though and he and Stephanie are now best mates.


Our feline friends are one male and one female, Mr Jingles is a big ginger boy we got from SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) and Beetaboo is a tabby lady, she appeared under the house as a starving bush kitten. From that first day she let everyone know who is the Queen around here and pretty much runs the show. She is very friendly and good at keeping mice at bay.

3.2Beetaboo keeping cool in summer.

We only have one rooster and one chook now, but we’re planning to get more later this year. Dennis Lillee is the rooster, my hubby had a rooster as a kid called Merv Hughes and we are keeping the cricket/rooster tradition going, he is a very attractive Wyndotte rooster. The poor little hen is a Hyline. She is just plain Chook, not much good for breeding more chickens but a good layer!

3.3Chooki getting a cuddle.

Our big pets are also workers and friends. We have thirteen horses here, several broodmares, plant (work) horses, personal campdraft/work horses, and the kids ponies.

Campdrafting is something we have only just started to do and its great fun as a family. Everyone we have met has been so supportive and helpful in helping us learn this Australian sport.

3.4Afternoon drink time.

3.5Taking steers out to their new paddock gives the kids an opportunity to learn a few things at once.



3.7Stephanie has settled into her new home.

There is also another new face around here and that is Rosey Nosey! She is a feral nanny goat whom my mum saved at a windmill, she was all alone and had a very high chance of being dingo dinner so was taken home and bottle fed.

We claimed her for the kids and she is pretty happy with her new life! Nuts and hay everyday, thanks very much!

3.8Rosey Nosey aka Houdini.

Of course we can’t forget our cattle! Living out in the paddocks means they are not like our dogs and cats, but they are quiet and curiosity gets the better of them when we head out to check the tanks.

3.9Checking things out.

And that, my friends, is our zoo!