The Yarrie Express

Host: Yarrie Station
Written by – Annabelle Coppin, Owner/Manager, Yarrie Station.

(1) Yarrie Homestead ( Our Central Station) copyYarrie Homestead.

“The next Train stops at Yarrie Station: there are no tickets, don’t mind the doors or steps . . . just beautiful country and plenty of stories”

This week the Yarrie team will be wondering how many people across Australia and hopefully the world have found us somewhere on train looking up “Central Station”. It’s a fitting name as we take the centre stage in the quest to engage with people who haven’t yet had the chance to spend time on an Australian cattle station. So where ever you are miss the next stop and spend some time with us on our central station, if you really get radical tap the person next you that is more than likely looking at their phone and divert them this way as well.

Hosting this week is making us feel like a kid who hasn’t completed their homework, with a slightly legitimate excuse, it’s a busy time of the year, a constant juggling game, so I guess if you like idea of being a clown in a circus this is the place to be!

We plan to mix the week up to give you an insight of a typical day on Yarrie, it’s a constant rolling adventure! We will show the highs and quite possibly the lows, what we pride ourselves on, what we love and our challenges. We will continue the tradition with some of our classic movie making action and importantly how this little place in the middle of “everywhere” in the East Pilbara WA does their best to responsibly contribute to feeding over three million safe, affordable beef meals to many parts of the world.

Each day a different person from Yarrie or connected to the place will take the wheel to share their important story. We look forward to opening up our central station stop.

I will leave you with a small taste of the week with some pictures so far of 2014 mustering season.




(2) A nice helicopter station stop copy

(3) Little Degrey Camp, we live here for 2 weeks of the mustering season. copy

(4) Building a new ramp Annabelles yards copy

(5) Wash day at camp copy


(6) typical mustering days plan copy

(7) Cattle winding through the hills copy

(8) Yarrie Team 2014 copy