Time flies when you are having fun!

Host: Yeeda Pastoral
Written by Kim – Marketing/Development, Yeeda Pastoral Company.

Well it’s been a crazy eight months since Yeeda hosted our first week on Central Station and I can’t believe how quickly that time has passed! My name is Kim and I work in the Yeeda office in Broome. We are really excited to be back and can’t wait to share a few more insights in to our daily lives, introduce more of our workers, and show the different areas of our business over the next week.

Today started with a lovely call from Jane Sale the founder of Central Station (and my old boss from my back packer days working out at Yougawalla).

1.1 Kim working at YougawallaWorking out at Yougawalla – Getting a flat while learning to drive and Jane changing the tyre for me!

Jane: “Morning Kimmie!”

Kim: “Hi Jane, How are you?!”

Jane: “Great, great, how are you?”

Kim “All good”

Jane: Slightly awkward silence . . . ‘Hey, did you remember you are hosting central station this week?’

Kim: . . . . . . . . . . . . silence . . .

Kim : “Ohhhhhhhh . . . really . . . Ohhhhhhhh right . . .”

Kim: *****PANIC PANIC PANIC******* We needed five blogs by Yesterday!!!!!*****

Kim: Fake confident voice and big smile on face “No worries, we can do that” (You may remember from our previous blog – we can make miracles happen!)

And so we started another busy busy week in the Yeeda office!

1.2 Birthday in the Yeeda OfficeKim at work on her Birthday.

So what has been happening at Yeeda and keeping us busy? The wet season lull in workload that we all dream of didn’t really happen here in the office, as the abattoir developments continue constant paperwork needs to be done to meet all of the different regulatory requirements. I am sure the station staff would agree too that the list of “Wet season jobs” that you build up through the year never really seems to end! All is looking good though and the abattoir should now only be a few months away from start up. Very exciting times!

1.3 AbattoirRecent photo of the abattoir – not long to go now!

The Geraldton Meat shop that was being relocated to new premises last time we hosted reopened in November and is going really well. The new shop at Innaloo in Perth also opened at the end of the year. It is great supplying our Kimberley beef to the city and getting feedback from people in the City who can now get the meat that they grew up on or used to eat when living up here.

1.4 Geraldton ShopOpening day at the new Geraldton shop.

Other exciting developments have been the launch of “Yeeda Pies”. We have gone in to partnership with a piemaker to produce Kimberley Freerange Beef pies. A definite perk of the job for us office girls is getting to sample these each time a new flavour is trialled!

1.5 Yeeda Pie PictureKimberley Freerange Beef Pies – Mmmmm!

Now that the season is back in full swing the boys are flat out mustering at Yeeda and Springvale, the yards have been filling and are now starting to empty as the boats and contracts are becoming a bit more regular.

We have lots of new staff this year as well as a good solid crew from last year that are still with us. This week we are going to pass over the hosting to the team on the ground and let them give you an insight in to their lives living up here in the Kimberley and working for us at Yeeda. Some are new and some have been here a few seasons, we hope that you enjoy their stories.

Have a lovely week everyone!