Welcome Back to Mystery Park

Host: Mystery Park
Written by Tess Camm – Owner, Mystery Park.

The ‘Mystery Park’ crew are excited to be hosting Central Station once again. My name is Tess Camm, and I am a fifth generation grazier, uni student, eldest of six children, horse fanatic, and possibly the most passionate person about the future of the beef industry, and part of the ‘Mystery Park’ crew. This week I am posting from the mighty metropolis of Brisbane, where I am in my final week of classes in the Bachelor of Business Management at UQ.

Welcome Back to Mystery Park 1

Since hosting ‘Central Station’ last October, ‘Mystery Park’ has been blessed with a magnificent wet season, undertaken an electric fencing project to increase our stock density with grazing, taken on more agistment cattle, weaned, preg-tested, and completed the grass budget for the year.

Welcome Back to Mystery Park 1a

The kids that chase the cows are all a little bigger, stronger, and more capable. Like most family owned and operated properties, children are an integral part of the operation. Rotational grazing, quiet cattle, and good facilities allows us the be very efficient with our labour. As soon as school is out for the day, there is a rush to saddle horses or jump on a bike and head out to catch up to Dad to lend a hand.

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I love this shot that Mum snapped the other day. It perfectly captures how we grow up in this environment! Adelaide (5) has recently graduated to riding independently, however her trusty steed ‘Holly’ was reluctant to leave the yards. She called out for a push start (someone to lead her away from the yards), but her father and eldest two brothers busy covering the mob. Hamish (6), stepped up to the job and cantered his horse from the tail of the mob back down the laneway, took Adelaide’s lead rope and escorted her into position on the tail of the mob! After a quick ‘Thanks mate’, these two set about their job of keeping the tail of the mob moving.

Welcome Back to Mystery Park 4 We look forward to sharing our story with you this week!

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