3 ways to make it rain

Host: Miss Chardy

Now, I know you will find this hard to believe but there are actually quite a few ways that you can bring on the rain**. Today I am just going to talk you through a few. You see today is the day Georgie – our Headstockman – arrives back from holidays. This is just one way to make it rain. So lets get on with things . . .

Organise for Friends/Staff/Family to come to the station

This one will work every time, I am telling you now. Just organise an event, invite a heap of people over and you are guaranteed rain. Well, actually this only really works if you have hundreds of kilometres of shitty dirt road that said friends/staff/family have to cross to get to your house. Here are some photos from last year when we went on holidays . . .


Remember when my family came for Christmas? I knew this would work – I just knew the rain would come. Mr Chardy was panicking about how we were going to get them all in/out. I told him to calm the f#@k down, does he want it to rain or what? Because this is guaranteed to make it rain . . . and rain it did my friends.


Georgie is due back today from holidays. We just knew it would rain and bam – storm yesterday and rain, apparently, down the stock route. So my friends . . . Mr Chardy and Danno (our Bore Runner) are off on a lovely little drive this morning. They will head down the stock route (160km) in two utes to check the road. Georgie will head off from Mt Isa. Mr Chardy will take the sat phone with him and call Georgie who will be waiting patiently in Camooweal for his call.  Depending on what the road is like Georgie might have to leave her car down at another station that is on the bitumen and come back in with the boys or she may be able to drive up. We’ll just have to see. Not a simple procedure though, is it. This happens every time you want to get back in from holidays. You enjoy a lovely relaxing holiday which is all erased by the stress of trying to get back in. You can read all about how we had to get in from holidays last year here.


Order a Fuel Truck

Another way to make it rain is organise for a road train to come into the station. Especially one full of diesel, avgas, and unleaded fuel! Works every time my friends! Yep, we just ordered a fuel truck, this is another reason that Mr Chardy has to check the road. I can’t tell you how many times fuel trucks have been bogged on that stock route. But, that is just how we roll. If you would like to know more about how we get our fuel and what powers the station you can read all about it here.

Fuel Truck

Put Washing on the Line

Either this or put a heap of sprinklers on. Yesterday after I finished mowing our lawn a big storm was rolling in. I quickly put the mower away and jogged home to grab the clothes off the line. The sky was so dark. Looked like it was just going to bucket down. Of course I should have left the clothes on the line. If I had have left them on there the rain would have really set in. But because I took them off it lasted all of five minutes.


I am looking forward to Georgie coming home – a girl to have a glass of wine with. I told her not to bother coming back without Slipper ingredients … so perhaps a “welcome home slipper” may be on the cards too. If you haven’t tried a Japanese Slipper then here is the recipe …

Japanese Slipper

What are your tips on making it rain?
Have you been on holidays?
Did it take you 17* days just to get home?

**Disclaimer: these may or may not actually work, and may only work during the wet season . . . I am not making solid promises.
*Slight exaggeration . . . maybe!