A few days in the life

Host: Callanna Station
Written by Lucy Goldspink

A small compilation of photos I have taken around Callanna Station of various things.

How about a cliché to start your day? Wrangler butts drive me nuts?! Good morning!

Starting the motor to pump water for cattle.

Checking in with my 2 poddies Browny & Bella. They are living amongst other cattle now but still enjoy their nuts and a good scratch!

Oiling mine and Tom’s boots. Took a LONG time!

Tom’s Mum and I.

Uncle Tom teaching his nephew how to ‘drive’ his Bullcatcher!

My favourite Poddie and I- Browny. (a kid gave him that name).

Tom and his big Pinzgauer bullock we named Douglas. He is super quiet which is strange because he was never a poddie. We have grown too attached to him now and can’t bear the thought of trucking him!

Me feeding some of Tom’s own cattle. Actually, they are Douglas’s mother and brother.

The big fella with his trademarks- a beer and a smoke!

Crazy storm over Callanna.

Enjoying the rain with a few (many) beers!