A long hot week

Host: Riveren Station
Written by Georgia Underwood – Manager, Riveren Station.

Monday . . . a slow start to what is boding to be a long hot week:

A few of the crew are a bit bleary eyed today following a weekend away socialising at a campdraft, so we’ve had a sleep in and moved breakfast back to 6.30am. And how half of them can survive on a cup of coffee until smoko is beyond me, I don’t think I’d have the stamina to do it. I have passed on the info from the health gurus on TV that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but think I am talking to a brick wall (or more appropriately out here, a rusty piece of corrugated iron). Oh to be twenty and bullet proof again!

Today the crew went in multiple directions, two out to Scotties to pull the bore, two fencing, and the rest stacking cattle with Mick ready to muster and yard tomorrow. Kids are back in the school room studying hard (I hope).

Scottie’s bore turned out to be a bigger job than we’d hoped, the column breaking and jamming down the hole, so the boys will be back out tomorrow fishing for column – not as much fun as fishing for barra down the river. On the plus side there were no other problems.

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