Keep on trucking Tuesday

Host: Riveren Station
Written by Georgia Underwood – Manager, Riveren Station.

5am breakfast, a long drive out to Champagne to muster. It was a long hot day and with little calves everywhere Mick wanted the cattle in the yards early. The muster went well and all the cattle were drafted before it got too hot at 2pm. Then the crew had a camp under the trees, trucks, and Toyotas until 4pm when it was cool enough to finish the work and bush them back to the paddock. It was so hot you could see the mirages shimmering in all the hollows and Charlotte our English rose turned cowgirl noted that it takes a lot of ability to sleep in 40 degrees on rocky ground under a truck.

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Tim and Charlie had a win with Scotties bore, and Tim’s flash new fishing tool, welded up overnight in the shed, worked well retrieving the recalcitrant length of column. It has now been replaced and water is flowing into the turkey’s nest.