A Plains Weekend

Host: Anna Plains Station
Written by Helen Stoate – Manager, Anna Plains Station.

The weekend can be as eventful as it can quiet. My head seems to spin less, but Saturdays can keep me on my toes. Depending on how the muster went during the week will depend on how many things I need to think about for next week.

We will have already worked out what paddock will be mustered – all part of early planning. So it’s all about what needs doing. Fencing (which some of the crew are most likely already doing today), fuel for choppers, feed for cattle, trucks organised for transport, extra panels for the yards, what crew will be doing what jobs . . . it all feels a bit endless sometimes. But it’s all part of the fun.

At some point I will have chatted to my partner in crime (hubby) about what and how many cattle we need to send to town. That’s a very tough job to organise these days – we are still feeling the fallout of the live cattle export ban.

Throughout the day I will keep monitoring where we are at, and what needs doing. And find time for a cuppa somewhere along the way.

6 (1)Relaxing on the beach.

Sunday is, as it should be, usually a day of rest. Once in a while we might need to finish off some cattle work from last weeks’ muster. But usually we get to enjoy the wonderful location that we live in. Although, most important is a sleep in – that is usually required after a tough week, and a couple of lemonades with the crew on Saturday night!

6 (2)Chillaxing after work on the 80 mile.

Anna Plains’ location means we get to taste the fruits of the Kimberley. This could be a day trip to Broome, or a nearby community; a spot of fishing off 80 Mile beach (which is one of the favourites amongst the crew); it could be as simple as lazing about doing as little as possible, recovering from last week and preparing for the next. I’ve got to consider the washing, calling the kids at boarding school, and doing those odd jobs that have been needing my attention for weeks (or months!).

6 (3)Fishing on the 80 mile.

Sometimes we will have visitors at the station, and Sundays can be a great time for a chat and a drink and to hear their stories. Some of these can be wonderful moments, and end up in finding life-long friends. I think the most favourite expedition for visitors is a trip to our hot tub – hot water springs coming up from the earth that we’ve set a couple of tubs under.  We’ve got a couple of regular visitors that like to enjoy the hot tub as nature intended . . . !!!

6 (4)

What I quite enjoy doing is jumping in the ute and driving around parts of the property – checking waterholes and bores, running an eye over the cattle, giving myself the time and space to ponder a few things, but mostly I love to look over the land and enjoy it’s stunning beauty. I have a few favourite spots that I like to visit – the views across the plains, my Plains, are spectacular!

6 (5)Helen and crew relaxing.

6 (6)Visitors & crew relaxing together.