The boreman

Host: Anna Plains Station
Written by Victor Pitt – Bore Runner, Anna Plains Station.

Hi my name is Victor Pitt and I am the boreman on Anna Plains Station. My role involves checking windmills, fixing leaks in pipelines, checking and refuelling diesel motors that pump water to our tanks and troughs throughout the property.

Anna Plains station is a property located on both sides of the Great Northern Highway. My run consists of two areas. The western side where the cattle graze on the marine plain which mainly consists of Buffell grasses and on the eastern side our cattle graze on Pindan country with Spinifex and Ribbon grasses being the main species. In a day I can visit and check up to 75 waters. My average daily distance travelled is approximately 250km.

My job is to take care of the cattle by ensuring there is always an abundant supply of fresh clean water for them. I also am required to clean troughs when required on a routine basis.

My day starts at 5 am when I venture to the camp kitchen. I am usually first in and therefore put the kettle on for the rest of the crew. Making sure my ute is prepared with many different fittings to repair leaks in pipes and fuelled up is a must. Also making sure I have enough food and water is vital, I have been known to be back at dusk, and I do carry a satellite phone for emergency use. Once I have my gear I set off for my day.

Sometimes I am utilised to help bring in the cattle during a muster and often during my run I am fixing fences around tanks. I have been on Anna Plains for three years and enjoy working on my own and get help when required.

 5(1)Replacing an Old tank with a new tank.

5(2)Replacing a float valve in a tank.

5(3) 5(4)