A Ringer’s influence

Host: Newcastle Waters Station
Written by Katrina Rudd.

What better way to teach your two year old son to count than counting his eight seconds on his championship bull ride? Most two year olds love animals and tractors but Will’s passion is the bulls, the horses, the rodeo.


William is a mini cowboy and future stockman in the making and it’s all from the influence of his best buds, the ringers. His best friend is “Luma”or as he calls him “Mumma”.

newcastle waters 2 423

6.1Luma teaching Will from an early age!

Poor Luma doesn’t appear to be able to walk within view from our house without William shouting from the top of his lungs wanting to go with him. Luma’s visits to the yards seem to increase more and more as Will is so desperate to feed the cows, pat them, and just annoy them!

6.2Even at home the drafting process is a hard one!

My children are lucky enough to have the opportunity to be able to step out of the door and see the cows, horses, ringers, and all the business of the station life unlike children in the city whom rarely get to see any of the above!



Although some days I find it hard not being able to nip to a play group or pop down to the shops I wouldn’t change this lifestyle for anything. Not only do I have a huge choice of baby sitters but everyone is William and Sophie’s friends as well. At rec club in the afternoon they all play with them both and ask how their days have been, take them for walks if they are off on an errand and feed them chocolate and soft drink so they are nice and hyper for home time! Living here everyone is like one big family and I know if William is naughty they will discipline him appropriately just the same as when he does something good they praise him.

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Sophie appears to be the quieter of the two, whilst Will steals everyone’s hearts by running around being a horse or a bull and telling anyone he sees he is a cowboy, Sophie will sit quietly and take it all in, although for only nine months old she isn’t too bad at stealing the boys hearts with her gorgeous smile!


Its amazing how much a two year old takes in, the other day we were walking past the meat house where there was a fresh killer hanging and William shouted out “Look Mummy it’s cow!” to say I was shocked is an understatement but also amazed at how quickly they learn and pick up on the things we all take for granted.

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So often people ask me if I find it hard with two young kids on a remote cattle station, and the answer is yes, but I am sure you will agree that the good points well outweigh the bad points.