ANNOUNCEMENT: Nationals launch petition for better signage on regional roads

The Nationals WA spokesperson for Transport, Vince Catania, has launched a petition calling on the Western Australian State Government to ensure policies for road works signage are strengthened to create safer regional roads.

Mr Catania said he has been seeking Government support for improved road signage procedures for several months, but the matter had come to a head in the wake of COVID-19.

“Following COVID-19 we are now seeing an increased focus on road-trip tourism in WA, and we are promoting must see destinations like the Kalbarri National Park skywalk and the Ningaloo reef,” Mr Catania said.

“With very few affordable flights available, road-trips will remain the preferred option for many families, and we must make sure those roads are safe to travel on.”

Mr Catania said the petition would require Main Roads WA to revise and update their procedures when placing and removing roadworks signage across the State, with a focus on regional and remote roads.

“I regularly spend hours driving on remote outback roads through my 817,000 square kilometre electorate and fully understand the importance of having robust safety signs in place warning drivers of the dangers of hazards up ahead,” he said.

“Too often, temporary road signs detailing changes in conditions and speed limits or upcoming roadworks have fallen over or been blown into scrub and can’t be seen.

Please read attached for more information.

With the promotion of the “Wander out Yonder’ campaign and borders closed, there’s an increased focus on road-trip tourism across WA, resulting in an expected increase in the level of self-drive tourism which will help re-ignite WA tourism as we move through the COVID recovery phases.  After pushing for a review of road signage for some months, now more than ever there is a need to ensure our regional road signage is robust and adequate to ensure roads shared with a diverse range of road users, including tourists and heavy-haulage vehicles are safe.

How do I get a copy of the Petition into Road Signage in Western Australia to sign?

How do I complete the Petition?

  • Petitions need to be printed on one side only – these will not be accepted by Parliament if the Petition is printed on two sides (ie back and front) as the back of the Petition MUST be blank.
  • Signatures and information must be original and in Pen (ie no copies)
  • Original signed Petitions must be returned to Vince Catania at PO Box 1000, Carnarvon WA 6701 by 7 August 2020, for collation and presentation to Parliament in August 2020.

Please note:

  • Each individual Petition page does not need to have ten signatures as one name, signature and applicable details per Petition is still acceptable (ie some may find that they are the only signature on a page and are able to mail this back for lodgement)
  • Scanned, photocopied etc will not be accepted by Parliament.