Another day, another muster

Host: Riveren Station
Written by Georgia Underwood – Manager, Riveren Station.

Another day, another muster, another bore to pull.

Noses to the grind stone, another paddock mustered, early to start, early to bed, too hot and dry to do much else. We are half way through the round now after four weeks, Inverway finished and a quarter of Riveren done. The cattle are holding up well considering how hot and dry it is, but taking the weaners off their mothers now will make a huge difference over the next few months if we have a late start to the wet.

Tim found problems with two bores today on his fly around bore run, one needs pulling and another will need a new motor. So the bore pulling team will be back out working hard tomorrow. On the plus side he did a quick fly down the river and there are a lot of barra in Mucka waterhole which is drying back fast, so if we get through another two paddocks tomorrow and Saturday then Sunday is fishing day!

 Blog 4.1 walking them back to the paddock copyWalking cattle in a laneway.