Hump Day

Host: Riveren Station
Written by Georgia Underwood – Manager, Riveren Station.

Middle of the week – the end is in sight!

Another early start to the day, and another paddock mustered. This one took all day with the paddock being mustered to both ends at once. The cattle are all stacked at the yards ready to draft tomorrow. There are a lot of little calves being born, so Mick and the other pilot Hugh dropped off (left behind) the cows with tiny babies.

We had a few dramas in the school room today with the children’s computer classes disrupted. They each have at least one lesson per day with their teacher in Katherine (and the rest of their classmates who are scattered all over Australia and even overseas – and on the seas in a couple of cases!) via computer program is called Interactive Distant Learning or IDL. The IDL uses a satellite that broadcasts from Darwin, and apparently there are a few storms around in Darwin! The cloud cover and lightening interfere with the computer signal so the classes kept dropping out and eventually the children gave up and did their other class work. It’s nice to know that the storms have started somewhere, although lightning would wreak havoc here at the moment it’s so dry.


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Blog 1.1 Bush school room copyBush school room!