Between Rounds

Host: Farrcombe Contracting
Written by Raine Pugh – Owner, Farrcombe Contracting.

Currently the countdown is on . . . Work is getting thin as most stations are now between their first and second rounds of mustering. This means the crew are entitled to their mid year break before life gets hectic again for the second half of the year.

As I write this we are in our last week here at West Elsey, where we begin to brand weaners tomorrow. We then are off to Newcastle Waters Station for a fortnight to muster and truck their joiner heifers. After this we are all hanging out for a break. Because we all live, work, and socialise together, sometimes it’s nice to get away from one another for a little while.

6Some of the crew members and their yard time selfie.

The crew all have different plans on how to spend their time: One couple are off to New Zealand on a skiing holiday, others are heading home to visit family, or off to other stations to spend time with their boyfriends whom they have acquired at the Campdrafts throughout the year.

Potter and myself, well of course we are going Campdrafting! No surprise there! We will be cutting it fine in regards to getting to the event on time as our job only finishes the day before we compete. We are planning to head to the Halls Creek Campdraft which is just over 1300kms from Newcastle Waters. Yes it will be a major road trip for a two day event but it will be nice to travel somewhere different and off our usual track.

During our mid year break we will also be catching up with Potter’s parents who are hoping to fly up in August. It will be great to spend time with them and show them around the neighbourhood. We are then planning to also head to the Kununurra Campdraft, Potter and I will also be attending our friend’s wedding to be held at the Lake Argyle Resort in Kununurra. Although this will be our time off, it is starting to sound quite hectic to me.

After our couple of weeks down time it will be back into it as the stations are keen to start their second round of mustering. Dates are already being set and mustering programs written in anticipation for the last muster before the big rains of the wet season are upon us.