Binks the Bore Runner

Host: Glenormiston Station
Written by Nigel Binks – Bore Runner, Glenormiston.

One of the most important jobs on the Station is the Bore runner’s job, making sure the stock have water, without water there is no stock! Nigel Binks is our Bore runner and we are glad to have him, he is reliable and honest and given how important water is to animals it’s good to be able to sleep at night knowing the job will be done properly. Nigel also has a history of equine chiropractics and as a farrier which makes him that little bit more special to us given we have horses and like to use them as much as possible. I introduce to you a man of few words (if you have your ear plugs in) Nigel . . .

– Nicky

Hi my name is Nigel, I have returned to work for NAP Co with my partner Lyn, after living and working in WA for two years on a sheep station. Prior to that I worked on Soudan Station as a Bore runner for three years when Ryan and Nicky were there. Burgz (Ryan) asked me to come back to live and work as a Bore runner here on Glenormiston, and anything else that goes. My day generally starts at 6.30am and finishes whenever depending on how long the run. The longest run I have, the Northern run, is about 400km long which makes for a half decent day. All up on Glenormiston I have around 30 bores powered by Windmills, Diesel Monos, and Solar Submersibles. There are also 11 Pump outs and 11 Dams. I like my job, it’s a different day every day, there’s not a lot of dislikes only one, and that’s changing tyres and repairing them!

That’s all from me!


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