Bring on Christmas!

Host: Gallipoli Station
Written by Jacki Bishop – Overseer, Gallipoli Station.

So I am writing this at the time of year when we all start saying “can’t wait for the wet, have just booked my holiday down the coast” etc. Unfortunately, the brain hears this and tends to head off early. Don’t worry, it’s not just the first years that do it either and I can’t blame them one bit.

So this is what I like to call the final push, in my own head I can’t help but picture a horse biting hard down on a bit and pushing into the reins. I kind of feel like the horse at this time of the year trying to push through and keep going when everything is telling you it wants to stop!

5;1 The camp having a laugh in the yards copyThe camp having a laugh out in the yards.

All the while our thoughts are turning to the fire season. We all hope for a good shower or two early and that we have done enough to prepare to push the odds into our favour a little until the rains hopefully arrive. Don’t get me wrong, although fire can be very beneficial to the regeneration of certain plant species we do want a say in where it goes and when it’s safe to do so because bare ground and no outlook of rain is not a position we like to be in.

We start thinking about Christmas parties and celebrations and a chance to catch up with everyone before the end of the year, as well as start to recharge the batteries in preparation for next year. It’s time for us to check the pantries and stores and prepare orders before they can’t get in. Time to start thinking about ordering Christmas presents for the kids before the post starts to get overloaded with the Christmas rush and when is the best time to start getting vehicles into town while we still can utilise the road.

There is only eight weeks of school left for the year, did I mention that? There is much to think about still; repairs and maintenance to plant and equipment, wet season jobs. Hoping the kids will do well in their last term and not end up too ratty by the end of it. Well not just the kids, but all of us for that matter. I hope you have all enjoyed snippets of my thoughts and experiences from the year as well as the different aspects of Governessing from Chloe and to those who are looking forward to the Christmas break like we are, remember to keep a sense of humour and to smile occasionally, we are nearly there!

Stay safe everyone and thanks for having me host for the week, I hope you enjoyed it.

Jacki Bishop
Gallipoli Station

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