Where could you go?

Host: BMC Consulting
Written by Blythe Calnan – Consultant, BMC Consulting.

Where a career in Ag can take you with good attitude, hard work, and a fair dose of luck?

Time flies when your having fun, its been a year since I blogged at Central Station last. When I finished up last year I had just been awarded the Beef Industry Rising Champion by the Cattle Council of Australia, the kick off of a very busy 2014! This has included:

  • Co-ordinating livestock handling training courses in Australia
  • Market Support and Training in the Middle East

1.1So rewarding working side by side with the people handling Australian Sheep, in this case at 3am during discharge with the truckies. 

  • Cattle Handling and Horsemanship Training in Russia

1.2Working with Breeder Cattle on Russian Farms was an amazing experience. 

  • Purchasing a Farm and stocking it with Pilbara cattle
  • Speaking at conferences and Parliament house to MPs and staff on progress and activity in the Live Export Industry

 1.3Gregg and I (and the bank!) took the plunge and purchased our own property. 

  • Showcasing the Middle East for Nuffield Scholars
  • Voyages on Livestock vessels to Indonesia

1.4An opportunity to sail with our livestock gave me greater understanding of our entire supply chain. 

  • Rising Champions Handover, Canberra
  • 5 Nations Beef Alliance Conference – Texas USA

 1.5Travelling to Texas for the Five Nations Beef Alliance was the trip of a lifetime. 

Wow. When I write it all down I’ve been even busier than I realise, but when your passionate about what you do it doesn’t always seem like work. Whilst in Texas this year the Code of the West was shared with me, these ‘Cowboy Ethics’ seem to apply to cattlemen all over the world. These are principles I hold dear and I believe have held me in good stead in my career.

  1. Live Each Day with Courage
  1. Take Pride in Your Work
  1. Always Finish What You Start
  1. Do What Has to be Done
  1. Be Tough, Be Fair
  1. When You Make A Promise, Keep It
  1. Ride For the Brand
  1. Talk Less and Say More
  1. Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale
  2. Know Where to Draw the Line

If you are embarking on an adventure in agriculture you never know where you might end up. This week I’ll share with you some of the amazing places my career and experiences in Ag have taken me this year. Thanks for stopping in!