Champions are made when nobody is watching

Host: BK Trick Riding
Written by Becky Klingenberg – Owner, BK Trick Riding.

Harry Lawton and I heading out to go mustering. This was actually take on the filming of ‘Cows for Cambodia’.

“Champions are made when nobody is watching” – Michael Jordan.

For the seven years I have been on cattle stations, the thing I missed the most was being surrounded by a team of like-minded people, with the same goal in common.

I think that is the reason I love branding weaners so much, it’s physically demanding, you must work in sync with one another and you’re only as strong as your weakest link. I had lots of different training partners after work, who were absolute saviours, but running up and down the Stewart highway each night got really repetitive after a while. Luckily I moved to the Buchanan highway and got a change of scenery . . . (not!)

I used to use negativity for motivation, such as bosses telling me “If you need to go for a run after work you’re obviously not working hard enough”, regardless of how I felt, if I could fit something in before our curfew dinner time, I’d rise to the challenge.

Training out here is tough, you don’t have personal trainers, instructors, or a 9-5 day that allows you to be consistent. You are four hours one way from the nearest gym, there’s no swimming pool and most of the time no training partner. YOU are the only one that can keep yourself accountable, which is tough! I truly miss every day training with people who have passion, dreams, goals, and the hunger to create themselves.

So the disadvantages I turn into motivation, because if Michael Jordan says “Champions are made when nobody is watching” then hell I can’t get any further away from someone watching me.

Over the three years at Kidman, I used to Trick Train up the side of barb wire fence with a Toyota parked parallel. Super good training tool, horses wouldn’t want to get too close, taught me to commit to my tricks and to hang on for dear life! No, not really… we made the environment as safe as possible but it truly was where Jacinta and I would train of an afternoon.Two years later we built a portable panel arena which is where I pretty much live now.

Hollie Sheils from HLS Trick Riding and me performing at Adelaide River Show Society. My first show as BK Trick Riding.

Coaches and Trainers

I’m summarising my story pretty short as I had a lot of knockbacks, dead ends, and that means a lot of reading to get to where I am today which is most likely what you actually want know.

I started out with Hollie Shiels in QLD, check her out on Facebook at HLS Trick Riding. She was the first Australian Outback Spectular Trick Rider, and one of the original Girls Girls Girls who were the first trick riding team in Australia. Then another dream came true, Jacinta Maurer accepted a position here at Kidman Springs on a six month contract. So I got to work, train and debut as a performer with my fricken’ idol! I was trained by professionals who gave me phenomenal foundations and most of all encouragement to pursue my dream.

Jacinta Maurer and I feauting on the front of the NT Rural at Brunette Campdraft/ Rodeo/ Races weekend

My first year of performing with Girls Girls Girls NT

Jacinta is a director of GGG and has the team GGGWA (Girls Girls Girls WA), so she was able to continue that here in the NT!
In 2015 we got to see ourselves performing at events all over the top end!

You may have seen us at
-Adelaide River Show Society
-Adelaide River Rodeo
-Katherine Pro Rodeo
-Darwin Pro Rodeo
-Brunette Bush Races
-Brunette Rodeo
-Darwin Royal Show
-Kununurra Rodeo

It was a huge success. I was very fortunate to be able to ride alongside Jacinta, I just never thought that it would actually happen. Ta-da, it really did!!

Pussy Cat Bore Campdraft and rodeo, hosted BK Trick Riding for all the isolated children of the outback to come and have a go of trick riding at their event.

Wanting to share trick riding with the Outback of Australia!

There is absolutely no denying living out here can be a disadvantage, so I wanted to offer all my knowledge to anyone who also had that desire. I thought to myself I could be that person who I wanted around as a child, the trick riding girl, who rode horses, worked on cattle stations, and lived on the land and said yes when asked “Will you teach me?”. So that is my oath, if I can ignite something in someone I vow to take the time and teach them.

We all know how much it means when you are starting out, nor are we hesitant to pay for knowledge when the opportunities present themselves, it’s still someone saying I want to help you be better, and fulfill the person you want to become.

My very own logo, sometime I have to pinch myself that it’s all really happening.

Building BK Trick Riding – Run with wild horses

Last year with coach Hollie’s encouragement and what I call the ‘trick riding family’ I built my brand. I got to live up to my word of teaching and training young aspiring trick riders all over the top end. I have been from Darwin through to Kununurra and to some of the most remote locations, watching something fire inside of youth today. I get so much fulfilment in being able to give back.

Trick riding may only be a small part of these kids’ lives or for some it is something they want to continue on with, and for me that is just an incredible feeling.