From Melbourne to Katherine, now Trick Riding all over the Top End!

Host: BK Trick Riding
Written by Becky Klingenberg – Owner, BK Trick Riding.

My name is Becky Klingenberg, I’m a station hand at Kidman Springs Research Farm. I have chosen to share my story of hope to inspire anyone who lives remote or similarly to me once believed they were dealt a hand of disadvantages, that you can achieve anything you want if you want it badly enough.
The question is are YOU brave enough to go after it?

Becky Klingenberg and Rose Gold Performing at Adelaide River Show.

Smack bang in between Katherine NT and Kununurra WA is Kidman Springs Research Station. It’s been home to me since 2015. It is considerably one of the worst roads to live on, but the vast landscape of the Buchanan Hwy is just simply picturesque . . . and a great money maker for the tyre shops of Katherine.

I was drawn to the station because of my passion for horses that I shared with the manager, Tony Moran, who sadly passed away the year I arrived. I LOVE my job and not too many people can say that.

Working at Kidman Springs has really broadened my knowledge of the rural industry. The work here is like handling diamonds from Lake Argyle, every piece of data is extremely crucial, especially when you are the one accountable for million dollar trials that could potentially change the rural industry at any time!

My father, Indy Dawg, and I crossing the NT boarder.

Rewind a little and this where it all started . . .

I am originally from Melbourne. I grew up in the suburbs, my mother worked in retail and my father is a truck driver. My future was a centre court netballer who didn’t get my mother’s long legged genetics and at 17 realised I wasn’t going to get any taller, no matter how much I built up my Asics runners!

So other than netball the only thing I really knew I loved was horses and I just ached to be a part of the rural industry somehow. So I rolled my swag, packed a bag, loaded my dog and had my Dad drive me (because I had absolutely no idea where the Northern Territory was from Victoria, only really knowing it was North and all that meant to me was UP)! Having limited horse experience backing me, I headed to Willeroo Station 130km SW of Katherine NT.

I spent two years there learning the harsh and fair laws of the bush. After surrendering six teeth, riding rank breakers, and giving up the only room that doesn’t flood in the wet season, I re-rolled my swag and went onto Heytesbury Cattle Company, again drawn to people’s knowledge. I was very fond of Amber Henwood – she is an incredible horsewoman, and in the short time I got to spend with her, she sure did guide me and planted a foundation that I was eager to keep growing. I remember asking her “Where did you start?”, and to sum it up briefly she said “I worked for nothing, other than knowledge”. So I manifested that and ended up working for two remarkable horse trainers Frank Green & Brett Welsh.

Station life is not for the faint-hearted, I truly respect everyone that comes up and gives it a red hot shot. I thank all the people who stopped and respectfully taught me, who challenged me, and the great mates and memories I get to keep for my entire life time.

My noble steed & I waiting for a drink on a 25km walk.

Stock Camps and Trick Riding the two don’t really go hand in hand . . .

For me I never really knew what my big goal was. Head stockman at times seemed appealing, but the desire never hung around. I remember seeing Trick Riding at the Australian Outback Spectular when I was maybe 14, and every time I re-visited the show the passion just kept igniting, until the point where I had to voice it and I was finally determined to chase after it.

The dream team: Cactus Cowboy, Rose Gold, and my self as the sun comes up.

Chasing the dream from the middle of the outback

I was working at Mt. Sanford Station which is 800km from Darwin, at the time I was invited to go hang out with the Girls Girls Girls trick riding team who were competing and performing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I give thanks to Jacinta Maurer, who reached back to me through a Facebook message, as it was the first piece to my puzzle, after numerous attempts to different women in the trick riding industry.

Flying to Sydney I was nervous as hell. I didn’t know a soul and I’d become very accustomed to remote living and the isolation of the bush. It was a complete blind date – I didn’t have any details other than a Facebook message and that they were staying at the Royal Show grounds. All I knew was I desperately just wanted to be like them and to cut it short, the rest is history. It was absolutely amazing, I made friendships that will last forever and those same ladies have helped create my dream of trick riding!

My family L – R Father Croco, Mother Maggie, Niece Baby Georgia, Myself, Niece Heidi Mae, Sister Christen and Niece Ava Rose.

The long and lonely road to success

The road to anything great is long and lonely – every great sportsman/successful businessman/woman/ musician will tell you. The end result you see is just the cherry on top, the countless hours, fatigue and pain, the knock backs and setbacks and just the plain old nay-sayers who tell you can’t do something all take their toll on reaching that dream.

I’m so lucky to have an incredibly supportive family, who have lived, learned and laughed. I’ve chosen amazing mentors and mirrored great sports stars, to help with the tough times and to thank for my achievements. I can honestly tell you I am no where near where I want to be, but I’m sure as hell proud to be this far.