Copy that! (2 way radio communication)

Welcome to the Cattle Station Classroom

In today’s lesson, we’re going to be learning about radio communication.

A two-way radio is a fairly standard piece of equipment in the beef industry, and for the most part we simply dial in to a channel, press a button, and connect with someone at the other end. If fact, most people only ever use a small fraction of a two way radio’s function.

There are many different functions available depending on the type of unit, and then there’s things like UHF, VHF, repeater towers, all the buttons and dials, and so much more.

Today I’m going to be speaking with Tony Crooke from GME. Since 1959 GME has been an Australian owned family company and remains the only Australian manufacturer of UHF CB radios, with their products designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sydney’s North West.

GME’s products cover a range of recreational activities from fishing to 4WDing and touring, in addition to catering for heavy vehicles and agriculture. Their Land category encompasses a range of products, the main being UHF CB radios (both Fixed Mount and Hand Held), Antennas, Personal Locator Beacons and accessories.

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