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Join us on Central Station as each week a different cattle station, or people involved in the northern cattle industry share an insight into their daily lives- the good, the bad and the dusty!



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    This to us confirms the quality of our weekly Hosts’ blogs and the time and effort that is put into the writing and photos that are published.This is also a result of the support of our Sponsors, helping us to advertise to a wider community and maintain the standard and administration of the site. Also our Followers who share our page and are engaged, comment and encourage our Hosts to continue sharing their stories.

    Thank-you all for this achievement. Central Station is all of us, from near and far learning about this stoic Northern Cattle industry that we are all so proud of.

    Jane Sale
    Yougawalla Pastoral Co.

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  • 22 Oct Seeing them come and go
    Host: Gallipoli Station One of the things I really enjoy about where I live is the people we get to meet and work with. One of the Jilly’s on the station with her Colt Every year we generally get some new faces on the place, whether they are comple ...
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  • 21 Oct Honey, the cook is about to quit!
    Host: Gallipoli Station This is my spin on an event that happened just the other day (a little tongue in cheek) Whaaaat? “What have you done to her?” Was my initial response. Brolga (my husband) shot me an offended glance. “No, wasn’t me, I d ...
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  • 20 Oct Our landing at Gallipoli
    Host: Gallipoli Station Before I get started, allow me to give you a quick rundown on who I am. My name is Jacki Bishop, wife and mother of 3 children, native to Victoria. Yes, I can all hear you say ‘Oh a Mexican’, and you would be right. My mai ...
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  • 17 Oct G’day from the weaner camp
    Host: Alexandria Station G’day all, Jolly here. I have been up at Alexandria Station working for NAPCO since the start of the year. I came up from Albany NSW, where my family operates a mixed grazing cropping farm. Tom & George -Weaner yards at ...
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  • 16 Oct A Headstockwoman
    Host: Alexandria Station Hi my name is Stacey Haucke. My job title is Headstockperson of the stockcamp here at Alexandria. Home for me is Heidelberg Station, a couple hours west of Bowen (QLD) in the hills not far from Burdekin Dam. The complete oppo ...
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  • 15 Oct Welcome to the Alex kitchen
    Host: Alexandria Station I’m Jess, the new cook. I’m Sydney born and raised, a trained graphic Designer and experienced disability support worker. Up to the beginning of the year, I had never gone any further west than Dubbo. Then all of ...
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