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  • 19 Apr From Deutschland to the Plains
    Host: Anna Plains Station My adventure began 16,000 kilometers away from Australia. Somewhere over there on the other side of the world is a small town named Veen, which I call home.  It is near Düsseldorf in Germany. After I finished my studies ba ...
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  • 18 Apr A day in the life of a Jillaroo on Anna Plains Station
    Host: Anna Plains Station A typical day at Anna is a long and exhausting one. Up at 4:45am to get ready, the clothes sorting to determine what’s dirty and what’s not starts. This is followed by slapping on makeup and trying to tame my h ...
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  • 17 Apr A Kiwi to the Plains
    Host: Anna Plains Station If you had of asked me 6 months ago, where I could see myself today, the last thing I would have told you is on a cattle station in Western Australia 250km away from the closest town! Six months down the track, and here I am ...
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  • 16 Apr City Girl Goes Bush
    Host: Anna Plains Station Born into and blinded by the bright lights of Sydney, all things waxed, bleached, brand named and manicured were highly regarded. If you didn’t spend half an hour each morning putting on your Kate Moss endorsed war pai ...
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  • 15 Apr The start of mustering
    Host: Anna Plains Station It is still early in the season on the Plains.  In the early part of the year it is all about getting ready for mustering.  The lead up to mustering is a bit like the feeling you get when playing cricket and you are next i ...
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  • 14 Apr Anna Plains Station- An Introduction
    Host: Anna Plains Station Anna Plains station is just under a million acres and is situated approximately 250 km south of Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is a family owned business focused on breeding high quality Brahman catt ...
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