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  • 31 Jul Destocking & Wild dogs
    Host: Southampton April and May were the months we started destocking again. All heifers and steers that were saleable went onto the trucks to feedlots and to the Roma Saleyards. In amongst this were medical appointments, boarding school interviews, ...
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  • 30 Jul Buy a Bale Distribution
    Host: Southampton There have been plenty of people and charity organisations helping out those of us who are drought stricken and in need of a little extra help, whether this be a bag of dog nuts, a fruit cake or a few bales of hay. Buy a bale organi ...
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  • 29 Jul Operation Return Home
    Host: Southampton By early-March plans were well under way to bring all our agistment cattle home. It was getting too costly for us to have them away much longer and with the rain that had fallen in February, we had a good green pick growing, it woul ...
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  • 28 Jul Hello again!
    Host: Southampton Hello again! It has been 8 months since I first hosted Central Station and after having read through what I wrote last year I find that some things have changed and some have not. Jack pulling out a bogged calf, whilst the mother wa ...
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  • 25 Jul The life and Times of the Yellow Devil
    Host: Blina Station Over the 2014 wet season, my trusty old ride- on lawn mower spontaneously combusted… literally spontaneously combusted. She was a Greenfield and she looked about 100 years old… I swear this thing was the first ever ride on ...
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  • 24 Jul Rodeo Road
    Host: Blina Station Fitzroy Rodeo – Lead up and the Actual Event This year Matt took on the enormous task of President of the Fitzroy Valley Rodeo Club. Matt and the committee (myself included) had the gigantean task of pulling together the first r ...
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