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Join us on Central Station as each week a different cattle station, or people involved in the northern cattle industry share an insight into their daily lives- the good, the bad and the dusty!



  • Congratulations Matt & Connie!

    Our hosts from Blina Station, Matt & Connie, got engaged at the Broome Rodeo on Friday 15th August. Matt kneeled down on one knee and proposed to Connie in the main arena! On behalf of our hosts & our sponsors- Congratulations Matt & Connie- we can't wait for our first Central Station wedding!

    Read Matt & Connie's story by clicking on their photo!

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  • 1 Sep “Go north young man”
    Host: Saltriver Horsemanship (Heath) My father had spent many years in the Kimberleys as a young man, so when I finished boarding school he suggested I do the same, and arranged for me to go to Jubilee Downs with Keith and Karen Anderson. Dad drove m ...
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  • 30 Aug The end of a chapter
    Host: Farrcombe Contracting So as our week on Central Station draws to a close, our crew has just completed educating and branding 2000 weaners here at West Elsey Station. It feels like a massive accomplishment for both the dogs and the crew. We are ...
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  • 29 Aug Crazy characters
    Host: Farrcombe Contracting Often you come across lots of different characters who sign up to work for you. Last year we employed a guy who was a plumber from Melbourne with no previous outback experience. ‘Plumber’ as we named him was a ...
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  • 28 Aug Our canine family
    Host: Farrcombe Contracting We have a team of 14 dogs which we use for work. The dogs travel everywhere with us, making it difficult when wanting a couple of days off in town. Interstate or international holidays are impossible as none of our friends ...
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  • 27 Aug Adventures
    Host: Farrcombe Contracting Of course with any job there are days where things just don’t go according to plan. However, not every job promises the possibility of rolling into your swag at 8.30pm, but due to things not going according to plan you a ...
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  • 26 Aug Living in dirt
    Host: Farrcombe Contracting As one can imagine, living in a temporary camp for the majority of the year can often be a challenge in itself. We have no Internet, phone service, television and for several hours of the day no power. Our staff members si ...
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