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  • 24 Jul Rodeo Road
    Host: Blina Station Fitzroy Rodeo – Lead up and the Actual Event This year Matt took on the enormous task of President of the Fitzroy Valley Rodeo Club. Matt and the committee (myself included) had the gigantean task of pulling together the first r ...
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  • 23 Jul More than just a Cook
    Host: Blina Station Written by Sylvia Richards AKA- “Cookie” Sylvie Richards I was born in the summer of 65, in the month of July. I travelled overseas from Europe to this great land in 71. (I also sound a lot like the Highwaymen when I write). ...
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  • 22 Jul Dreams of Dust and Dieseline
    Host: Blina Station Written about Stuart Jones, Earthmover, Cattleman, Lover of Carlton Dry. Stuey Jones Stuey Jones has been the grader driver and head of the earthmoving department at Blina for the past 5 years. He spends most of the year camped ou ...
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  • 21 Jul Hello from Blina 2014
    Host: Blina Station Hello Again, Central Station!! I survived my first year at Blina!! Pats on the back for me. It wasn’t easy, but very well worth it. I look back on last year with pride. The crew all go home for the season in November, and we go ...
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  • 18 Jul The simple pleasures in life
    Host: Lochon Contracting When you live out bush you learn to recognise and appreciate the most simple and common amenities that you take for granted when you live in town. A hot shower, a cold drink, a room with four walls around it and a door to shu ...
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  • 17 Jul Into the hinterland and beyond…
    Host: Lochon Contracting Off to the desert it is. After a well deserved break over the last weekend, with most of our crew going to the annual Fitzroy Crossing Rodeo, the Lochon mob is heading back to Bulka Station to finish building the yard and hol ...
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