Horsing around at Blina

Host: Blina Station
Written by – Connie Gray, Station Hand, Blina Station.

Our horse plant is an integral part of the operations at Blina, as we do not use buggies, bikes, or toyotas when handling our cattle. In total we have about 70 in our plant, with quite a few young ‘colts’ (young and newly broken in horses) coming up through the ranks. It is imperative for the crew to have a sound knowledge and experience with horses in order to safely and effectively carry out their role at Blina.

994938_10151944139055549_2077701261_nAt the end of a hard day.

1378080_10151944139840549_1800212245_nMatt and ‘Cavalier’.

1395863_10151944141420549_154071759_nSam and Lolliee – coming home.

All of the crew are expected to care for their horses hooves, as well as shoe their own plant. All are involved in general upkeep and maintenance of the plant.

1422365_10151944142750549_1906840387_nReady, Set – Shoe!

1390563_10151944143440549_1448320773_nThe station manager before I knew him . . . Damn!

Brood Mares

We have one stallion and approximately 14 brood mares situated on Ellendale Station. Twice a year the brood mares are brought in and their feet are filed, overall condition checked, and weanlings are taken off and recorded.

1379267_10151944146115549_1684470048_nBrood Mares running in to Ellendale homestead yards.

1381900_10151944143870549_853282172_nMum and Foal.

The Weanlings are taken back to Blina homestead where they are handled (taught to face up, take the halter, lead, feet picked up etc). They are then put out to paddock to be broken in the following year.

1395914_10151944146755549_700080875_nLoz lunging weanling.

1378207_10151944147365549_1757167347_nIntroducing to the halter.

Breaking in

All of the stock crew are expected to take on a ‘breaker’ – (a young, unridden horse) and break them in. Once they have been broken in, they are then taken out on short rides during the muster to get them used to working cattle. These certainly make for some very interesting and sometimes funny, sometimes stressful rides!!!!

Drafting the Horse Plant

1385151_10151944148710549_1174563444_nDrenching the plant horses.

Now we are coming to the end of the season and the cattle work is coming to a close, all of our plant are brought in, unshod, drenched, and then bushed. I think all of our ponies kick up their heels when they feel their bare feet in the ‘bush’ paddock!!! They certainly deserve a good spell after all the hard work they do with us.


1381303_10151944150140549_268158551_nT-Bone and ‘Bruiser’.

601430_10151944151835549_149895454_nDan and T-Bone walking away the horse plant.