I haven’t been anywhere for a month!

Host: Miss Chardy
Written by Danielle Doyle – Manager, Mittiebah Station.

Well it is no wonder I am starting to turn into captain psycho cranky pants. It is nearly a month since we returned to the station from holidays and I haven’t been anywhere since. Unless you count a trip out into the paddock to meet the neighbour.

I am finally able to notice the signs of my imminent HERMIT ATTACK. I now know when it is time to go somewhere, to visit someone, to get the hell off the station and out into the big wide world. I mean there is only so much #getsortedwithchards, cleaning, and office work one girl can handle. What is the tell tale sign I hear you ask? Well, it is when I start to dress up of a night time. Have a shower, and pop on some “town clothes” so I can feel human. It even involves a necklace and sometimes even make up. I know – stop laughing, surely I am not the only one who does this. On Saturday night, for our Anniversary, I even put heels on . . . shit – get me out of here. Send help fast, ha ha ha. I looked a lot like this . . .

There's a simple way to keep your home spring-clean fresh all year through.

No, just kidding, of course I didn’t look like this, my gloves are purple. Oh and I opted for a skinny jean/nude heel ensemble. See – listen to me, I told you things were bad.


bunch of flowers

wine road


Yes my friends . . . it is time. So this weekend I am heading up to a friends place on a station to the north west of us. They are moving and I am going to give her a hand to pack and of course there will obviously be plenty of time for a chardy on the verandah, well a G&T in her case. I may also have the blender, Midori, and Cointreau packed . . . you never know when you might need to put your (Japanese) slippers on.

This morning Clancy and I will hit the road. A trip away from the station is not like your average “just jump in the car and drive a few blocks to your friends house”. It goes something like this: Clean the car, fuel the car up, make sure you have done all of your station jobs – i.e.: vegetable order, bread order, food order . . . Get the Satellite Phone and make sure it is charged, pack a lunch/snacks, fill up the water cooler, fill up water bottles, oh and of course pack your bags. I have also learned that it is also important to pack your wallet and mobile phone, even if you don’t need either. A few years ago when we were at said friend’s house Tom fell and broke his arm . . . long story short we ended up over in Townsville hospital (yes that is indeed in another state and by the sea) and had to borrow friend’s mobile phone to take with me, it was lucky I had packed a decent suitcase too.

Ok, so once you have yourself sorted it is time to crank up the podcasts music and start driving. Today’s drive is a three gate drive, it even involves a little bit of bitumen and will take about 3.5 hours, perhaps longer because I am not sure how good the road will be.

I am quite excited about this outing (can you tell?), even if there isn’t a town involved. I always feel quite refreshed and motivated after visiting friends.

How are you fairing at present? Are you Captain Psycho or are you doing quite well. Are you planning a trip away this weekend? Or a quiet one at home? I will have a chardy for you all. Cheers lovely people!!!

Have a wonderful week!