Station life: catching up with neighbours

Host: Miss Chardy
Written by Danielle Doyle – Manager, Mittiebah Station.

So catching up with your neighbours, when you live in the middle of nowhere goes something like this . . .

Mrs Savvy B and Co have come over to visit this weekend. I have been having withdrawals from her, after our fabulous holiday on Magnetic Island. I mean, it has been over two weeks since I have seen her and all.

Mr Savvy B and Mr Chardy are going for Father’s of the Year and have taken the four boys fishing, while Mrs SB has come here to hang out with Clancy and I. Now, because both of our wagons are still in Camooweal (after we had to fly back in from holidays), I had to drive out and meet her and bring her back here to the house. Just a quick trip to meet them, only took a couple of hours out and back, by my goodness the road was bumpy . . . oh my, I thought the ute was going to rattle to pieces . . . bump bump bump . . . hold on to your hats people, I am telling you it was a good thing I wore a decent bra, that is all I am saying.

There is certainly no popping over the garden fence for a visit. Oh no, that would be far too easy. Instead I packed a snack for Clancy and we all met half way at one of our major intersections along the Eastern Freeway, also known as The Wine Road – don’t worry, not a toll booth in sight.





Here have a look – this is the “Major Intersection” I was talking about . . . see




See that tree – I can’t believe it has fallen down. This cross road intersection is better known as Bus Stop. I think we might need to plant another tree.


This is about a 60km drive for both of us. It involved three utes. The boys all then headed north to a waterhole and Mrs SB jumped in the ute with Clancy and I and we hit the road back home to Chardy HQ. Bump, bump, bumpity bump!




Mrs SB and I have made a pact: when we get together we are not going to just sit around and drink wine waste time.  We are going to help each other with something that needs doing, a little project. That is the definition of a good friend isn’t it . . . invite them over so they can help you out with your crappy jobs. I love it. So today we are getting my verandah sorted. It always seems to be in such a mess so we are onto it. And you should see Mrs SB go, while I sit in the cool air conditioning tap tap tapping away she is out there working up a sweat moving things and chucking crap out. I have a verandah around the whole house, and it always seems to be in such a state, but we are getting it sorted once and for all. Isn’t it great to have a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective, it is going to be so great once she is we are done. What a champ. I underestimate her abilities . . . !!!

Look at her go . . . I just told her to stop for a while because I feel bad that I am in here typing away while she gets her clean on . . . her reply: “Oh god, don’t worry, I am better off without you . . . don’t hurry, I have to get this right before you shoot me down” . . . ha ha ha, I think I had best get out there and see what on earth she is up to.


Later this afternoon (much later hopefully, ha ha ha) Mr SB, Mr Chardy, and the children will all come back here for the night. I am sure I will be sad in the morning when I have to say goodbye to them, I am always in denial when they have to go and try so hard to convince them to stay for just a little bit longer.

So there you have it – that is what is happening here on this wonderful Saturday.

What are you up to?  Are you catching up  with your neighbours?  

How far away do they live? Three metres or 120km?