Indo bathing

Host: Lisa Wood/ AGP Indonesia
Written by Lisa Wood – Traceability Officer, AGP.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I had great ideals of sharing my improved circumstances with you all; yet failed on the photo front.

This year, I moved again and bought myself a hot water service that is for my shower only. It only cost $350 which I thought was pretty cool. It simply attaches to the wall above the shower attachment outlet.

Washing dishes is still by cold water. Twin tub clothes washing is still by cold water. Yet now, I can run hot water over my neck and back for four minutes and I am in heaven. Ah, the little things.

Ok, in Australia, I grew up with the army shower that was a once a week affair. But as a little kid – who knows difference? Having a bath in a puddle in the road was a major highlight. Then I learnt the joys of town water supply.

This is also where I give full respect to our Oldies who knew when the drought was, where; without my little kid knowledge of the fact.

It was a bit of a shock to come back to cold water washing.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMy ‘First’ bathroom at a ‘kost’.

The water pressure wasn’t enough to have a ‘shower’ but I learnt the bucket was enough to get the soap off. I ran out of water a couple of times before I learnt to save enough for toilet flushing.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMy kitchen-cum-laundry . . .

Then I moved to a different house where I had more water storing capability . . .

6-3 Number 2 bathroomBathroom #2.                  

It was same same but different – the water capacity was more, yet it was still cold water washing.


And then I moved again. Unlimited water supply . . . if you didn’t mind drawing it. Nah, only kidding, the people who lived at the back of my house relied on this well. For me it was simply the backup water supply if the electricity was out and the pump wasn’t working. It happened a few times.

And then I moved to a new house. I don’t have a photo to share of my beautiful little system; I can show you the valve configuration I have to use in order to have a shower.

6-5 ValvesValve set-up to have a shower.

In the morning, I turn on a valve that allows water into the under house tank. From there I turn on the pump that takes the water to a tank that is about the same height as the roof. From there, it can drain back down for house use, either via simple gravity feed or by changing my valve configuration and turning the pump on for a shower.

6-6 Under houseMy under house water storage.

Hello water!

I tell ya, I’ve learnt so much while I’ve been here. My tolerance level for inconvenience has skyrocketed – why get upset about stuff you can do nothing about? Plus, I’m scared of grey hair.

It really makes me appreciate my trips home. Ahhh Australia.