Rain, that liquid gold, that breaks the heart and soothes the soul.

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Owner, Koordarrie Station.


We’ve been lucky enough to have had some rain this summer. I feel quite ridiculous when I say that even though we’ve had some, we’re not quite right just yet. Compared to our eastern neighbours, we are in a jungle. Having grown up on a station, I am very familiar with the heartbreaking sights of skinny stock, bare land, and grey hairs appearing on my parents heads.

But back to us, we are very blessed to have enjoyed some showers that vary from 5mls to 30mls! It has got the grass growing and that is nice to see. This is a comparison picture of what it was like at the windmill previously which pumps water for the stock and for the house.


It is looking a lot better than this now! Unfortunately no pics of the annual Button and perennial Buffel grasses that covers this area when sufficient rain has fallen is available, but the cattle have eaten what was there now anyway, when they returned to watering at the tank as the claypans and dams dried up. That is a priority job on Koordarrie, to clean out our dams to enable them to store the rainwater for a much longer period and give the normal watering points a longer rest.

Our family loves to get out on ‘the run’ together, in summer its not so fun but a much needed break from the house for myself. Jammed in the cab of the landcruiser ute is getting pretty squishy these days and its not going to be long before it’s just not possible! On a cool morning or afternoon, the older kids sit up on the back and enjoy the scenery from there, they quite often take along a special toy or two to play with when we stop somewhere. They know the rules – Don’t stand up, Don’t go near the edge, and Hang on!

When we were rained in, that is, unable to drive around last month . . . we used the quad bike to check the main pump. It’s only 2kms from our house, very convenient as it really is the heartbeat of the whole property. Don’t worry, we only went very steadily!

1.3Family outing for this day.

There is really nothing better than being with my husband and kids at the end of the day, there are the tough times, the days when you wish you were anywhere else but here! It’s sure not for the faint hearted. Hooroo till tomorrow, when we share memories of a trip taken earlier in the year!