Keeping up with Koordarrie

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Manager, Koordarrie Station.


It’s now my turn on Central Station this week and with the fantastic blogging from previous members, the pressure is on! We have been very fortunate this winter to have received regular rain fall, of mainly small amounts up till just recently. Because its so nice and cool, evaporation is not an issue and with a few warm, sunny days, the grass grows nicely. We are FIFO here at the moment, for those who don’t know, that means Fly In Fly Out. Our access roads are under water and will be for some weeks yet.

IMG_4070We won’t be going anywhere by road anytime soon!

In case anyone has not read our profile information, in summary we have only been living at Koordarrie for three years. It was a station that had been run and managed as part of another station for the previous 30 years, so the homestead and stock handling infrastructure had deteriorated to a point beyond saving.

Pips pics 017The old homestead needed bit more than a renovation rescue!

For a time, we lived next door and when the time was right we started to build what we would need to get us living up there, though it was basic, it would be enough for a start. It has been and is a very exciting journey, with some low points along the way. One low point was when we first moved here and of course there was absolutely nothing here, no lawn, no trees and our two young children had not one bit of shade to play under. Our trees are still not that big, but there is one decent tree as you can see in the picture below.
Some mustering of our property has been completed, with calves marked, weaners who have grown too big for their mothers removed, sale cattle gathered and sold to domestic and overseas destinations. But with rain and cold overcast weather, mustering has been a stop start affair.
At Koordarrie, I am busy in the school room, as home tutor to my five year old daughter who is attending a school of the air in pre-primary. Combining being mum, washer, gardener, secretary, cleaner, messenger and now teacher is a challenging task, but so far enjoyable as well! Thanks to my Au Pair, life is a little less stressful with her around. Pippa has been part of our family now for most of the year and her help is much valued as she ably shoulders some of the jobs whilst I am teaching. She will contribute her own thoughts a little later in the week.
Our staff kitchen, created from a sea container, has arrived and needs to be put into its permanent position and secure concrete footings made for it to safe guard the building in cyclonic weather. There are plans to build a dining and recreation room onto this for our visitors and workers. But for this year, we are just building a roof and verandah around it. Though basic, it will be functional.
I look forward to sharing more of what’s happening here with you this week. Seeya tomorrow!