The bush gymkhana

Host: Koordarrie Station
Written by Kristie de Pledge – Manager, Koordarrie Station.

Though we may be many kilometers from our neighbours, the community puts a big effort in to rally together and invest time and energy into events such as our local gymkhana weekend. This event is in two weeks and last weekend we held the busy bee at the venue to get things that needed fixing, fixed and cleaned up.

Most stations around the area join in for the actual event and the busy bee this year was well attended by owners, volunteers and staff members all combining efforts to make sure the weekend goes smoothly and is enjoyed by all. 30 + people appeared at this year’s busy bee, what a huge amount of work was achieved. New steel doors replacing termite damaged ones, toilets cleaned, hall swept and bar wiped down. Chairs and tables arranged for the public and more camping ground cleared.

The Friday before is generally set up day for most people, definitely committee members are on site fairly early to unlock buildings and do important jobs like filling the tanks full of water and preparing gymkhana equipment for the weekend activities.

Saturday is the Tin Horse gymkhana, where riders of all ages, young children to adults, gun their bikes and get the dust flying in various events like barrel racing, flag and slow race. Its fantastic crowd entertainment!

Winning Bush Gymkana 169
Rory on bike doing barrels.

Sunday is the day for the horses and ponies to show their stuff and starts off with little tackers in lead on events. This is usually involves much puffing from the parents who are on the end of the lead rope, trying their best to get their child and pony around the sandy course! This year is my second year in lead on and we have been practising the events a little in preparation. It is very enjoyable seeing how the kids riding skills improve each year. It’s a little scary when those kids who were once so little and cute, start towering over you in their transition to adulthood.

Myself leading Darcie.

The adult riding events are after lunch and the competition looks set to be hot this year, with many riders from all around going to attend. Here is myself having a red hot go last year as well as husband trying to get that apple!

Winning Bush Gymkana 198
Yours truly.
Winning Bush Gymkana 113
Rory in the bucket.

This weekend is vital to our local community, we all love seeing our children enjoying the games and creating memories that will last them their lifetime. How fond I am of the same sorts of memories of attending gymkhanas as a child with my parents and siblings. My mother was absolutely committed to getting us to these few and far between events. One memory in particular is of her taking ourselves and our ponies to the gymkhana in our old army truck. What should normally have been a two hour drive, took seven hours due to the three flat tyres that we got along the way. But my mum, got us there all by herself and I am so thankful for her dedication. She’s the one who inspires me to put the effort in for my own kids.

Myself and the kids on their ponies.