NEW PODCAST: Cattle Station Classroom

Have you ever wanted to know more about the northern beef industry?

Traditional opportunities to learn about the industry include: university, TAFE, short courses, schools, and on-the-job training. For a number of reasons, whether it be time, money, and/or access, not everyone has the same learning opportunities.

The Cattle Station Classroom podcast is a free platform where anyone can learn about different aspects of the Australian cattle station industry and ask questions.

“Every station is different. Different country, cattle, and ways of doing things. Each station has different needs, which means we don’t always learn about the same things”, podcast host Steph Coombes said. “I know how easy it is to be too nervous to ask questions, and let’s be honest – sometimes we don’t even have anyone to ask. So whether you’re a station hand, or you work in any other part of the industry, I hope this podcast is an opportunity for people to be able to learn more, feel empowered and be more involved in our industry.”

The first 7 episodes are:

  1. Pain, pain, go away (An overview of Pain Relief Medication for cattle)
  2. The spray that makes pain go away (Using Tri-Solfen during castration and dehorning)
  3. Feed the bugs, not the cow! (Urea supplementation)
  4. Why does everyone keep talking about P? (Phosphorus)
  5. To P, or not to P (Measuring Phosphorus levels in the diet of cattle)
  6. What is dark cutting meat? (Hint: it’s not cutting meat in the dark!) (Part 1)
  7. Shedding the light on dark cutting syndrome (Dark cutting Part 2)
  8. Like a virgin, put with the bull for the very first time (Heifer management)

If there’s a topic you’d like to learn about, or a question you want answered, email This podcast is brought you by Central Station and hosted by Steph Coombes.

You can find the podcast on the Apple Podcast app by clicking here, on the Spotify app by clicking here, and through your web browser by clicking here.