Rebuilding a herd and trying to make ends meet!

Host: Boreelum Station
Written by Adam Coffey – Station Owner/Manager

Now you might be wondering if we actually run any cattle at all here at Boreelum?!! Well, yes we do. We currently have a mixed enterprise, running agistment cattle, trade cattle and our own breeders. Ultimately we’d like to just have our own breeding herd with the ability to trade when the opportunity arises. For now the current mix suits our need for cash flow as we grow our new business.

Some of our ladies.

Given that we are first generation we’re always looking for innovative ways to build our cattle assets, whether that be through agistment, loans, or other deals. Our trade cattle are purchased through a partnership whereby the partner purchases the cattle and we put the kilograms on, receiving our share of the profit margin once the cattle are sold. This is a good way to build funds if you are cash short but have the feed. The incentive is all yours to get those kg’s up so it is always a good bet for the investor. Of course it does leave you reliant on good seasons and good cattle management techniques to make the most of the situation. We rotate our cattle through our paddocks to ensure the pasture in each receives enough rest before the mob return for their next graze.

Trade cattle.

We have been steadily increasing our breeding herd as funds have allowed and have so far got ourselves a nice starter mob of around 140 head. All Brahman/Brahman cross at this stage as we are in an area prone to ticks. We were lucky enough to purchase 2 new bulls at Brahman Week in Rockhampton 2017.  Both bulls showed great temperament and impressive days to calving figures which is a priority for us. In this environment if we can’t get a calf out of every breeder every year then there’s something wrong. We’re very excited to see the progeny from these two bulls later this year. Whilst it’s frustrating to have to start our breeder herd from scratch (particularly when cattle prices have never been better!), we realise you can’t have your cake and it too so we’ll just have to be patient…

Tarramba Brahman bull.

We generally handle our cattle with bikes and our team of kelpies, with Jac on a bike or horse when she can. We aren’t at the stage where we can employ anyone yet but it’ll be a bit easier next year once our youngest goes to school and Jac can be out and about on the property more.

Trevor and Eve. 

Well that’s about it for now. We hope you’ve enjoyed our story as we’ve enjoyed telling it. Sometimes it helps to write down what’s happened and have a good look back through photos to see where you’ve been and who’s helped you along the way. We’ll be forever grateful for the people that have and hope that we’re in a position one day to pass it on.

All the best, Jac, Adam, Will and Sam


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