Reports aren’t just for school (The Australian Beef Report)

Welcome to the cattle station classroom podcast. In todays lesson we are going to learn about the Australian Beef Report.

The Australian Beef Report shows you the financial and production performance of family owned beef businesses in Australia. It has been written for profit focussed producers, industry service professionals and other industry stakeholders who would like to better understand, and improve, beef business performance in Australia at the production level.

You might be thinking “Oh no, this is wayyyy about my pay grade!”, BUT there is something for everyone in this report!

There are three important components of the Australian Beef Report: 2020 Vision:

    1. It is an industry reference point with detailed current information on the financial and production performance of the Australian beef industry,
    2. The Pastoral Panel chapter presents the advice of 27 wise heads in the industry, providing insights into how they think and how they approach decision making, business and life.
    3. There is a dedicated chapter on the effective utilisation and preservation of the natural resource base, providing insights into how to best manage it for profit and sustainability.

In this episode we are joined by Ian McLean.

Ian established Bush AgriBusiness in 2009, combining his enthusiasm for agriculture and business. Ian holds a Master of Business Administration and is accredited as a Chartered Agriculturist by the Ag Institute of Australia.

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