The Blina Crew

Host: Blina Station
Written by – Connie Gray, Station Hand, Blina Station.

To finish off the week with Blina, I would like to tell you a little about our crew.

20131103-085906.jpgDan McCreedy – Headstockman.

Dan McCreedy – Originally from Hokianga, NZ, Dan has been the headstockman at Blina for the past two years. He has one of the toughest jobs on the station, in my opinion and he does it well. He is responsible for running the crew and ensuring that the cattle operation runs smoothly. He is well known for his cheeky nature, often keeping us all on our toes.

20131103-090059.jpgLoz and “Katie Perry”.

Lauren ‘Loz’ Vaughn – ‘The crazy poddy lady’. Loz is as well known for her love of ‘Katie Perry’ (Loz’s two year old Poddy calf) as she is for her ability to hang on a horse. She has done some great work with the horses at Blina and Matt quite often gives her the troublesome ones to sort out. She’s been at Blina for four years now, and I think she is officially part of the furniture!

20131103-090753.jpgLoz and “Rhys Masten”.

20131103-090850.jpgCasey Schmit.

Casey Schmit – Casey is a whirlwind in the cattle yards, I honestly have not seen anyone work harder than this girl.. or use as much colorful language!! She was the Jumbuck employee of the year (sorry Case!!) and has been described as a ‘breath of fresh air’.

20131103-090953.jpgRobbo and Lolliee.

Robbo and Lolliee – Adam Robinson, or ‘Robbo’ as we all know him, is our Boreman. Robbo is a boilermaker by trade and very good at dodging my camera!! Robbo has the all important job of maintaining the waters on Blina, but he is also a very handy mechanic and red-can (emu export) drinker!!

Lauren O’Byrne or Lolliee is Robbo’s partner and she works in the stockcamp. Before Blina, Lolliee was a vet nurse and this has come in handy quite a few times when it comes to the general health of our pups!

20131103-091109.jpgLolliee Unsaddling.

20131103-091213.jpgTyrone and Bilby, he wishes he has a stick!

Tyrone Neho – Better known as ‘Mike Tyson’. Tyrone has been at Blina since the beginning of the season, he is originally from Houhora, NZ. Tyrone or (T-Bone) sometimes goes missing and usually he comes back with either a big stick or has been chasing lizards . . . or even fighting hotel staff . . . ‘bro’.

20131103-091327.jpgBrandon, he often digs himself in a hole!!!!

Brandon Howarth – This is Brandon’s first year at Blina, he is a butcher by trade and as a result, is often called upon to sharpen everyones knives . . . I think he’s had quite enough of getting sent for killers and sharpening knives for the year!! We all think he should sharpen a pair of scissors and cut off the heinous mullet he is currently sporting!! (joking!!)

20131103-091450.jpgSam Macpherson.

Sam Macpherson – Sam is also in her first year at Blina, coming over after graduating from university in NZ. Sam has been described as a ‘quiet achiever’ and has settled in to station life well – she has come from an equestrian eventing background . . . so station horses and cattle have been a welcome change!

20131103-091703.jpgSam on ‘Tia Maria’ homestead complex.

20131103-091846.jpg‘Stueys’ Grader.

Stuey Jones – Stuey Jones is our grader driver at Blina, and he spends quite a lot of time out at camp. When he is back at the station, you can quite often see him servicing his machines, telling stories to the crew, or making them roll him a cigarette!! In his spare time, Stuey loves fishing and Carlton dry!

20131103-092005.jpgCassie, the crazy cook.

Cassie Gray – Cassie is our cook at Blina, and lucky enough to be my sister!!! She has the responsibility of preparing home cooked meals for breakfast, smoko, lunch, and dinner. As well as assisting around the homestead and generally cheering up the crew with her kooky antics and excellent feeds!

20131103-092129.jpgWhitey – Top Gun wannabe!

Alex Michell – We all call him “Whitey” and the origins of this nickname are sketchy. Whitey has worked in the camp at Blina for the past few years while obtaining his Helicopter License and is now employed as a pilot for Pearl Coast Helicopters. He is based at Blina and we regularly hear ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ blasting from his room, as we think he wishes he was a jet pilot.

20131103-092306.jpgCasey, Lolliee and Loz feeding Poddy Calves.

As a crew, we are work mates and friends – you have no choice as we rely on one another every day – it’s a tough job we all do and we get up, get on and have fun while we do it. Our crew at Blina are truly are great group of people, you couldn’t get a better bunch.