The highlights of Warrawagine’s 2013 season

Host: Warrawagine Station
Written by – Caitlin, Station Hand, Warragine Station.

It is officially over, our 2013 season is done and dusted . . . and what a eventful year it has been. We were off to a flying start in April, and by June we had all the cattle done around the homestead. We had the portable yards set up at White Wells and bush mustering was well under way when we had 180ml of rain in two days, as fun as it was driving a buggie in the rain and mud it sure grew old pretty quickly.

5.1 Walking down to the yards to let cattle out.

5.2Flooded yards.

There was word on the grape vine about expanding and buying a new property, and then next thing you know we have purchased Wallal Downs on 80 Mile beach in the Kimberley. Mustering a station you’ve never had anything to do with sure was a challenge but was a very fun and rewarding one, we mustered Wallal in five weeks, I’ll leave that story for Jacinta to tell.

 5.380 Mile beach.

5.4 Yarding up at Outcamp yards.

5.5Always time for some fishing . . .

5.6 Having a yarn with the locals.

After a few months of non stop mustering over 30,000 head through the yards, we have worked our butts off to finish before it gets too hot for the cattle and for us. In saying that its still reached 43 degrees on some days, none the less we have finished, no serious injuries . . . touch wood, no too badly broken machines . . . Nothing we can’t fix!

A few buggie roll overs and a few bike crashes, but that comes with the territory. We’ve been chased, run over, and beat up – we’ve eaten more dust than meals, we’ve laughed . . . a lot at each other and we’ve cried too, but we’re gonna have a break and we’ll do it all again next year!

 5.7Run Bobcat!

5.8Desert Cracker.

5.9Beau and his new mate.

5.10 Walking cows and calves back to their paddock.