The other woman

Host: Blina Station
Written by Constance Wood – Manager, Blina Station.


My husband has two wives. One is tall and blonde, with a quick temper and a big smile. The other is warm, brown and at times, unforgiving. Sometimes she demands all that we have. She is not truly his, she belongs to another man but he loves her all the same. When we land from holidays, he is distant and I know that his thoughts are with her and how she is going.

My husband is many things to many people. To me, he is the love of my life, the hardest working man that I know. He is good and kind, fair, and he loves his job. His job is all encompassing, and when I took him on, I took on the other woman too.

And boy, did she put me through my paces. It was as though she was the jealous ex doing everything she could to stretch me to my limit. I loved the idea of the challenge and accepted her in my life, with gusto. I worked hard and I kept my chin up. I was superwoman, I would prove to everyone that I could take all of this in my stride.

My girlfriends down south didn’t understand why I did it to myself. Why I worked so hard for someone so seemingly unappreciative, never understanding what I got from the relationship. She was taking her toll on me, we were stressed, we were tired, and we were stretched to our limit at times. People also told him, “Give her up. She’s taking her toll on you, this other love of yours. She’s taken over your life. She’s not good for your relationship, take a break.”

2-2-copyPhoto credit: Kerri Back Photography.

I felt underappreciated, unloved, all of his time was spent on her! And she is so old, man she’s ancient. I wondered what she had that I didn’t?

At one point I even left, I left him to her – thinking that would bring me happiness. That maybe I was wrong, maybe I couldn’t hack it after all. I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was. My heart was too soft and my mind not strong enough to share. But she lured me back, her beauty irresistible and her argument irrefutable. He loves me, she said, but he loves you too. Come home.

Our days and lives revolve around her. The crew dote on her. And she is hardworking too. She is always on hand to feed the cattle, feed the horses. When it rains, she blooms.

2-3-copyPhoto courtesy of Kerri Back Photography.

She is beautiful, all encompassing. She is bountiful and hardworking. She is compulsive and demanding. She changes with the seasons and she fires up with lightening. She can be cool and sweet and then hot as hell and scathing. She supports life, supports us.

Yes she’s moody and a hell of a lot of hard work at times, but she brings us enormous joy.

I am happy to share my husband with his other woman, because the best and worst thing about my husband’s other woman, is that I love her too. Her name is Blina.

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