Tips to help you pass muster

Host: AG Workforce

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So you have passed the preliminary part of the recruitment process and now you are lined up with an interview with a potential Employer, first by phone, and then a face to face to follow. Our Recruitment Team has created some vital interview tips to help you in securing your ideal rural position.

Phone Interview

  • Prepared – Do some of your own research about the company you might be working for. Use Google or ask the Recruiter you are dealing with about the company. If you can’t find any useful information then ask those questions in an interview to show your interest in their organisation.
  • Organisation – Be ready to take the phone call and have your phone charged up and in service. Don’t be in a noisy environment as the Employer may not be able to hear you.
  • Communicate Effectively – Talk clearly, be courteous, don’t mumble, talk softly, or swear. Be assertive and take control of the conversation. Ask the right questions about the role so you are comfortable with it and the Employer understands your level of interest.
  • Listen – Pay attention to the conversation, listen, and engage with the Employer so that you are able to respond appropriately.
  • Honesty – At all times be honest and do not mislead anyone about your individual skill set. At any point if you do not understand something, then ask questions to get a better understanding.

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Face to Face Interview

  • Punctuality – Aim to arrive 15 minutes early, but whatever you do, don’t be late as it will almost be a certain slow walk back to the gate you came through. If there is a genuine reason you will be late then communicate that as soon as it is known.
  • Presentation – Put on some clean work clothes and present yourself in the best way possible. If you don’t heed this warning then you will almost be certainly turned around before you can get a word in.
  • Connection – Shake someone’s hand with a firm handshake and look them straight in the eye so you are engaging with them from the first word and they know you are serious.
  • Enthusiasm – Remain enthusiastic and attentive throughout the entire conversation and demonstrate confidence by asking key questions about their operation.
  • Stay on Point – Keep your answers on topic and don’t waffle on about unrelated information or you will lose your interviewer.
  • Overconfidence – You may have all the skills for the job and more but if you come off as cocky or arrogant then you will be assured of losing your way with the Employer.
  • Previous Employment – You would be wise not to criticise or insult previous Employers in an interview as the agricultural industry is well connected and you may just dig a hole you can’t climb out of.
  • Appreciation – Believe it or not everyone’s time is valuable so you should always conclude your interview by shaking hands, looking them in the eye, and thanking the Employer for taking the time to interview you. Gratitude can never be overdone and sadly in many incidences is underdone.